USA Today bestselling author Andrea Pearson has been a leader in the indie author arena since early 2011, with 50+ books under her belt and over a hundred articles for professional blogs and websites published. She's a host for the Self-Publish Strong podcast that focuses on both marketing and craft, and she's a cohost of the Six Figure Authors podcast. She offers multiple online courses that surround her favorite topic: marketing.

Andrea was executive director for Indie Author Hub for a year and a half, and she is frequently invited to teach how to reach readers through both advanced newsletter marketing tactics and successful promotional campaigns at conferences and conventions. She has been interviewed on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing podcast, the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast, and the Author Hangout. She has guest posted on JA Konrath's A Newbie's Guide to Publishing blog, and her tips have been mentioned several times on the Sell More Books Show.

How to Polish Your Manuscript into a Rock-Solid Book by Andrea Pearson

Are you an author who is struggling with finding volunteers and professionals to help polish your book? Do you wish there was a guide that offered plenty of suggestions for finding these people?

The Self-Publish Strong series, written by successful indie author Andrea Pearson, gives you advice and guidance on building your brand, publishing, and marketing your own books.

In How to Polish Your Manuscript into a Rock-Solid Book you will discover how to:

1. Find and train beta readers
2. Hire editors
3. Test covers and descriptions
4. Format ebooks and know where to publish them
5. Typeset print books and where to publish them
6. Choose a price for print and ebooks

And much more, all in a succinct, down-to-business manner. Take the guesswork and research out of the self-publishing process. Get Pimp That Book: Self-Publish Strong Book One and start building your author career the right way.



  • "Andrea really knows this stuff, and she makes the overwhelming become manageable. Her step-by-step process makes self-publishing a breeze."

    – Tony Hernandez, author of the Devil's Blessing
  • "Andrea Pearson has done a great deal of research into the world of self-publishing and put that research to the test in her own career. Now she brings that knowledge to you in clear, easy-to-understand language. If you want to succeed as a self-published author, you will find her books and courses invaluable."

    – Amelia C. Adams, bestselling author of sweet Western romance
  • "Andrea's professionalism and experience really shine. Versed in both high-level concept and on-the-ground implementation, she knows how to help authors understand the tools and strategies they need to take charge of their book marketing."

    – Anthony St. Clair, freelance writer & author of the Rucksack Universe series



Testing Covers and Descriptions

"I'm a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more luck I have."

Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States

To Discuss:
1. General Cover Guidelines
2. Finding Cover Designers
3. Best Practices
4. Testing Descriptions

General Cover Guidelines

One of the biggest mistakes new indie authors make is using covers that aren't professional. Don't hesitate to hire someone to take over this aspect of publishing for you. Good cover designers have been developing their skills for many years, and the cost of the cover will be worth the perfect design for your book.

A good cover will fit the emotions or theme of your book. Your cover needs to be able to catch (and hold) attention. It needs to match other covers in the genre, and it needs to look great.

A cover can cost anywhere from $25 to several thousand dollars, with the average landing around $300 to $450. How much it costs depends on the originality of the artwork and stock photos used. The illustrations and photographs from the popular PhatPuppyArt website, for example, can cost several hundred alone, and that's before a cover designer starts working on them. Keep in mind that even if a book cover is expensive, it doesn't always mean the cover will work. Get critiques on all covers, even when you've outsourced the creation to a designer.

(Continued in How to Polish Your Manuscript into a Rock-Solid Book)