Becky and Frank have been making fun comics together for years and years! Known for their comic Capture Creatures and their children's book Tigerbuttah, Becky and Frank also work on Natasha Allegri's animated series Bee & Puppycat. Not often apart, separately Becky is known for her work as a designer on Disney's Star vs The Forces Evil and her posters for Mondo. During his alone time, Frank is also known for writing the comic The Amazing World of Gumball for Boom! Studios.

Tiny Kitten Teeth by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt

Tiny Kitten Teeth is a hand-painted graphic novel following the adventures of a fish-out-of-water cat in a fancy college town. One hundred percent hand-painted traditionally in gouache, Tiny Kitten Teeth is carried by a joyful tone reminiscent of a PG Wodehouse novel as it shifts through multiple art-styles ranging from French style comic albums to retro Tiki.


It's not often in a clever satire that you want to hug and squeeze every character while screaming "Awww!" – The Devastator



  • "Becky Dreistadt will be listed in the annals of animation next to Mary Blair, Frank 'n' Ollie, Chuck Jones, Eric Goldberg, Andreas Deja, Richard Williams, and other giants of the field."

    Gary Tyrrell, Comics Journalist
  • "Becky and Frank's work captures all the nostalgic charms of a Disneyland ride, but also the strangeness and inventiveness of a Nintendo game."

    – Jen Wang, Koko Be Good, In Real Life (w/ Cory Doctorow)
  • "Each and every panel of Tiny Kitten Teeth reveals so much talent and wit, I'm still not certain Becky and Frank are creating comics without the aid of dark, ancient magic."

    – Phil McAndrew, MAD Magazine, Crying In Front of Your Dog and Other Stories
  • "Cheerfully off-beat storytelling and elegantly adorable artwork come together seamlessly in Gibson's and Dreistadt's work. Tiny Kitten Teeth continues to be a joy and inspiration."

    – Geneva Hodgson, Warner Bros Story Artist (Teen Titans), Creator of Teenage Spaceship
  • "Becky and Frank are the fairy godparents of modern illustration, sprinkling a pinch of magic into everything they touch."

    – Zac Gorman, Magical Game Time, Costume Quest (Oni Press/Frederator)


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