The SFWA Magic and Mayhem Bundle, curated by the Self-Publishing Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA):

Every fantasy lover knows the basic rules of magic. It always comes at a cost and it never quite gives the expected results. Then it should come as no surprise that the magic in our stories has many explosive consequences! Demolish your way through fourteen novels that span the sub-genres of fantasy while showcasing magic-induced mayhem, from the hilarious to the horrible and everything in between.

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Phaethon by Rachel Sharp


– Roanna Sylver, Author of Chameleon Moon

Darkmage by M.L. Spencer

"One of the most compelling books I've read."

– Zilly (

9 Tales of Raffalon by Matthew Hughes

"Matthew Hughes does Jack Vance better than anyone except Jack himself."

– George R.R. Martin

Ragnarok Unwound by Kristin Jacques

"This story had a different take on Norse mythology, with a fascinating, unique blend of Hawaiian. The characters were all well developed and relatable (yes, even the gods and goddesses!). I loved how Ives grew throughout the story."

– Cate M. Turner, Author of The Stolen Papyrus

Lady Changeling by Ken Altabef

"A deftly crafted fantasy by a master of the genre, "Lady Changeling" showcases Altabef's genuine flair for originality and mature storytelling."

– Midwest Book Review

Quincy Harker - Year One by John G. Hartness

"Quincy Harker—this is who i want protecting the world! I love these books."

– Academy Award Winner Whoopi Goldberg

Sekhmet's Desire by Nova Blake

"This is my first book by this author and won't be my last! This was an amazing read, treasure seeking, smart MC, magic...what else do I need...? Great job!"

– Reader review

Tales of the Thief-City by Gareth Lewis

"The premise of a sentient city pinching parts of other dimensions to glue into itself had me feeling fantasy with a splash of Doctor Who and a sprinkle of Carnival Row... The dialogue is snappy and entertaining too, flowing with a natural rhythm that was a joy to read."

– Alicia Wanstall-Burke, author of The Coraidic Saga

Cutie and the Beast by E.J. Russell

"Cutie and the Beast by E.J. Russell is one of the best paranormal novels I have read in quite a while. With clever characters, witty dialogue and a fast moving plot, the story takes on the classic Beauty and the Beast fable and turns it on its ear."

– The Novel Approach

The Last God of Earth by AJ Vanderpoel

"I loved this book so much. In the world of LGBTQ+ fiction, there aren't a lot of choices that are outside of gen romance or slice of life genres. This book fills a void into queer fantasy, and it hits all the right notes. The characters are engaging, the writing is fantastic, and the story is top-notch. I highly recommend it."

– Reader review

Once Stolen by D.N. Bryn

"Once Stolen is a charming new stand-alone story, in the These Treacherous Tides series with lots of action, a great setting, characters to steal your heart, all with a heartwarming underlying story message of learning to love yourself."

– Jen at Queen’s Book Asylum

By the Pact by Joanna Maciejewska

"I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I thought the concept was unique. Different from other fantasy books I've read."

– Fezzik (Amazon review)

Playing with Fire by R.J. Blain

"Playing with Fire is an eccentric, charming, and humorous oddity, a rare gem, and definitely unique. RJ Blain brings a refreshing whimsy to well-known mythology."

– Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Last Sword in the West by Ryan Kirk

"So great. It's been called a Samurai Western and even more fun than that. I'm not the typical audience for the fantasy genre (I'm typically thrillers and such) but this book had me from page one and didn't let up. Recommend it highly to everyone who enjoy and good read where the pages flip on by."

– Amazon review



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