The Chill Game Book Bundle - curated by David L. Craddock: Temperatures are dropping, turning the great outdoors frigid and inhospitable. Crank the thermostat, heat a mug of cocoa, and curl up with ten epic reads found in the Chill Game Book Bundle.

Author and historian David L. Craddock returns with two entries in his GameDev Stories series featuring interviews with developers, designers, and other industry veterans. StoryBundle newcomer Kristopher Landis presents Quest for the Dragon Star, an oral history of the WMAC Masters show featuring Ho Sung Pak—famous for portraying Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat and MKII—among other martial artists.

All that, plus Brian Riggsbee's collection of NES and Famicom maps, a book that examines the real-life influences behind some of the world's most terrifying horror games, two books from the vast library of Hardcore Gaming 101, and more.

You can read more about the books here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!



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Quest for the Dragon Star by Kristopher Landis

"It was like living it all over again."

– Erik “Panther” Betts, WMAC Masters Star

Alien Amusements by John Harris

"In an era where gaming news is regurgitated endlessly from site to site, I depend on Set Side B for interesting material I don't see anywhere else."

– Matthew Green, & Power Button podcast

GameDev Stories: Volume 8 by David L. Craddock

"Stop writing all this good shit. Clickbait us! It's what we are used to!"

– Shacknews Reader

Critical Path by Dan Amrich

"I'm so grateful to Dan Amrich. Now, when someone asks me how to become a game reviewer, I can bypass the ponderous email chain of heartfelt tutelage and simply say 'Buy Critical Path.'" – Justin McElroy, former managing editor, Joystiq; founding editor, Polygon

The Guide to Retro Indie Games Vol. 1 by Kurt Kalata

"Great book, provides great information (and several pictures) about many Indie games!"

– Amazon review

Project Dolphin by Travis Nicholas

"For fans of the GameCube or potential collectors of the system, Project Dolphin makes for an excellent addition to your library. With every game showcased along with practically every system and accessory, you are hard-pressed to find a more complete repository of GameCube information in one place."

– Game Tyrant review

Video Game Maps NES and Famicom by Brian Riggsbee

"Getting lost in a book full of maps sounds ironic, but with each page, there is a recollection of an NES memory or the intrigue or curiosity that makes one say, "that looks neat - how have I never played that before?" Whether you have embarked on these journeys or will consider doing so, or enjoy the tease of these lands rife with mystery and danger and heroic antics, artfully preserved here, I expect you will treasure this tome as I do."

– Jonathan Leung Founder of



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