The Sci-Fi Series Bundle, curated by Joseph R. Lallo:
I love sci-fi. I love everything about it. I love how optimistic it can be, imagining a future where humanity has solved the unsolvable and conquered the unconquerable. I love how pessimistic it can be, imagining a world where man's hubris has left countless worlds smoking husks and bomb-riddled hellscapes. I love that it can posit a world where steam was the apex of technology. I love that it can propose a world were artificial intelligence has become so sophisticated it can fall victim to human neuroses.

StoryBundle has routinely done some of its best work when it dips into the realm of science fiction. When the site asked me to curate another sci-fi bundle, I was excited at the opportunity to dive back into a genre I love. This time around, I didn't pick a theme. My thinking was that I would find the best authors and pick their best books. This ran the risk of giving me a scattershot potpourri of stories. But wouldn't you know it? Themes began to emerge on their own. Great minds think alike. So, brace yourself for an exciting assortment of space operas, a gritty collection of dystopian futures, and a little dash of steampunk for flavor. – Joseph R. Lallo

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Descent (The SpaceMan: Chronicles Book 2) by Tom Abrahams

"Fantastic continuation of one of the freshest post-apocalyptic/dystopian series out there. Tom Abrahams' series delivers everything you could want from the genre, adding an entirely clever twist to the greater plot that I absolutely did not see coming. Descent takes on a whole new meaning, as the planet earth braces for an extinction level event. Highly recommended!"

– Author Steven Konkoly

SpaceMan (The SpaceMan Chronicles: Book 1) by Tom Abrahams

"Tom Abrahams is a master with this genre. In a plot paced just this side of orbital velocity, his not-so-ordinary spaceman –and the family he loves— battle a new and unique unknown that tests their resilience, courage, and love for one another, both on and off the planet. Failure to turn the pages of this book quickly is simply, "not an option!"

– Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson, 6-Time Spacewalker and Author of The Ordinary Spaceman

Trader's Honour (Return of the Aghyrians: Book 2) by Patty Jansen

"Trader's Honour is an enjoyable science fiction read. It's low on technobabble and explicit sciencey stuff, although the worldbuilding is fairly solid. As such, I think it might also appeal to fantasy fans who don't mind a few aeroplanes and a spot of interplanetary travel in their fiction. I highly recommend it to science fiction fans."

– Tsana Dolichva

Watcher’s Web (Return of the Aghyrians: Book 1) by Patty Jansen

"The rich and powerful tapestry of world building captures the imagination and just doesn't let go. The characters are full of life and complexity. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It is easy to identify with the peoples and through suspension of disbelief, this world was very real, as are the struggles being faced. Love books that make me think about what I would or wouldn't do in that situation. Great strong female lead."

– Amazon Review

Icarus by Matt Verish

"Well written, fast paced, and solidly crafted. An engaging tale of adventure that takes me back to the early works of past sci-fi masters from the days of John Campbell's editing years."

"Matt Versh is my new favorite author with the title 'ICARUS'. If you like good, old-school sci-fi, then this is for you. A good storyline that grabs you from the very beginning. It's one you just don't want to put down, there are no dull moments. And, of course, I can hardly wait for the next installment. Get it and read it...there'll be no regrets if you like action and a great plot that keeps your attention."

– Amazon Review

Derelict (Halcyone Space: Book 1) by LJ Cohen

"Get on board Derelict, and you'll take an edgy, nonstop flight into an audacious SF future with unremitting danger as your pilot — and thrilling adventure your destination."

– Lynn Viehl, NYT best selling author of the Stardoc and Darkyn series

Relic of Sorrows (Fallen Empire: Book 4) by Lindsay Buroker

"I have read the first four books in this series in 5 days, and I'm having to physically restrain myself from launching into the fifth book. I love the characters, the pace is fast, and I'm completely hooked."

– Goodreads Review

The Fallen Empire Set: Books 1-3 (Includes Bonus Prequel) by Lindsay Buroker

"This series is one of the best classic sci-fi tales I've read in years. Author Buroker's spare prose leads the reader deftly through an action-packed but character-driven story of loss, struggle and the aftermath of war. Yet the story has an upbeat feel to it, partially due to major characters who engage in the cheeky, ironic humor that we often see in "buddy" films. To add a twist, at the heart of the drama is a slowly developing, fragile love story."

– Amazon Review

The Calderan Problem by Joseph R. Lallo

"Simply awesome as always! All of his books are very good and this series is one of the best. With The Calderan Problem just leaving me wanting more!"

– Ray, Goodreads

Irradiance (The Dream Guild Chronicles: Book 1) by David Bruns

"The premise and the plot of this book hooked me...kept me turning digital pages right to the end."

– The Kindle Book Review

The Catalyst (Targon Tales: Book 1) by Chris Reher

"A wonderfully written space adventure that starts with action on page one and doesn't stop until the last page. There are several twists and turns throughout, both in the story and in the characters. Worth the read, and it's even one of those rare books I will probably re-read at some point and has earned a permanent place on my Kindle."

– Goodreads review

Only Human (Targon Tales: Book 2) by Chris Reher

"I completely enjoyed this novel. The aspect that was a bit challenging was that I was unable to put it down! The characters were all interesting and well defined. The various alien characters were smoothly developed, rather than just dropped into the story. Many were likable and a natural part of the story, which was well developed and had a very logical flow to it. It is a riveting battle tale that will capture the reader in the mire of a well written story. I completely recommend this book to any sci-fi reader!"

– Amazon Review



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