Called "a trollop with a laptop" by East Bay Express, "a literary siren" by Good Vibrations and "the mistress of literary erotica" by Violet Blue, Alison Tyler is naughty and she knows it.

Over the past two-plus decades, Ms. Tyler has written more than twenty-five explicit novels, including Tiffany Twisted, Melt with You, and The ESP Affair. Her novels and short stories have been translated into Japanese, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Greek. When not writing sultry short stories, she edits erotic anthologies, including Smart Ass, Kiss My Ass, Skirting the Issue, and Torn.

Ms. Tyler is loyal to coffee (black), lipstick (red), and tequila (straight). She has tattoos, but no piercings; a wicked tongue, but a quick smile; and bittersweet memories, but no regrets. She believes it won't rain if she doesn't bring an umbrella, prefers hot and dry to cold and wet, and loves to spout her favorite motto: You can sleep when you're dead. She chooses Led Zeppelin over the Beatles, the Cure over NIN, and the Stones over everyone. Yet although she appreciates good rock, she has a pitiful weakness for 80s hair bands.

In all things important, she remains faithful to her partner of nearly 20 years, but she still can't choose just one perfume.

Alison on Top by Alison Tyler

Alison on Top is a collection of fem-dom erotica with a romantic twist. Alison Tyler has tied together four sultry stories featuring a selection of characters with needs to be filled. Sometimes the characters themselves don't even realize what their fantasies are until they are shown by clever, intelligent dominant women. Filled with desire, brimming with charm, these stories are sure to set readers' own fantasies free.


Super hot, incredibly sexy and wonderfully delicious," Alison on Top fulfills your craving for smart femdom fiction with a romantic twist. – Kiki Howell



  • "Super hot, incredibly sexy and wonderfully delicious, this collection of four short stories will take you out of your reality and make you question everything about every lover you've ever had."

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  • "Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Absolutely loved the stories in this book. It is as if Alison Tyler can pluck the fantasies out of my head and masterfully transfer them to the page. There is something very sexy about a woman. Or women in charge that just does it for me. If that is the sort of thing you also enjoy, You definitely NEED this book."

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  • I've always preferred the femdom side of BDSM stories, so I was very excited to read this.

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Introduction: Who knew?

For the past twenty-something years, I've been writing sultry stories about characters who know what they need. I've been patient with them. I've provided all the toys and tools. I've shown them the way.

My brain is an interesting location—more of a bar than a bus station. Characters arrive and make themselves at home. I pour a drink and find out exactly what each one yearns for.

What I didn't realize is that over the years many of my men have craved a strong female lover. These submissive males have gone on their knees and begged me to fulfill their fantasies. Not until I put this collection together did I realize how many sub men I've penned. And pleased. And played with.

In "Broken," Dean finally finds what he's looking for:

"Ten more strokes," she told him. "You count this time."

He did, stuttering every few numbers, fucking the mattress with his hips when he couldn't help himself. She gave him an extra two for that. He was supposed to behave; she thought he understood.

In "Plucked," Sandy is shown a whole new soundtrack for his life:

"Roll over," I tell him. He stares at me. His eyes are dark, like the bay at night. He looks scared. Fuck me hard for liking that look. "Roll over, Sandy," I tell him, "I know what you want."

In WYSIWYG, with Nate, what you see is what you get, until two dommes show up to his small town and change everything:

"Because you're going to be the one getting fucked. Your asshole—a virgin asshole, I'm assuming—is going to be spread and taken. And tomorrow, when I go home, when I'm hanging out with my friends, I'll be the one doing the bragging. This boy, I'll say. This beautiful boy was on my tip…"

So here is my first ever solo collection of Femdom Erotica. Several of the stories have appeared in other erotic anthologies over the years, but this is the first time they've been cuffed all in a row. My latest piece, WYSIWYG, has never been printed anywhere before!


Alison Tyler