StoryBundle gift cards allow you to give your friends the gift of any future bundle (bonus books included!) so they can choose what they want to read. Gift cards only cost $25, and can be exchanged for the current bundle or any future bundle—no matter how much the bonus price is!

When someone receives a gift card, they receive a code (codes never expire) so they can decide for themselves when they want to redeem it. Don't think they'd like the current bundle, but would prefer romance, fantasy, or even graphic novels? Give them exactly what they want to read by purchasing a StoryBundle gift card and have them make the choice.

Even better, you can choose when your gift will be sent. Want it to arrive exactly on someone's birthday, an anniversary or right before someone goes on vacation? Fill out a future date and time at checkout and we will deliver your gift right when you specify.


  • Your recipient can redeem gift cards for any one bundle starting from the time the card was purchased. Gift cards never expire!
  • Gift cards include bonus books! Pay $25 now and always get bonus books, and no matter what the future bundle's bonus price is.
  • The giftee can read all our books on just about any tablet, ereader, laptop or even your smartphone.


Gift Card Price: $25
(Includes bonus books)