What the internet's saying about StoryBundle

"StoryBundle Might Be The Most Interesting Thing To Happen To eBooks Since The iBookstore" - Cult of Mac

"StoryBundle Brings Indie Authors to Readers" - Mashable

"This service, run by former Gizmodo pop star Jason Chen, is one of the cooler offerings out there right now..." - TechCrunch

"Ebook fans in need of new reads have a new friend in StoryBundle." - ReadWriteWeb

"You have to appreciate the openness of the Story Bundle model when big publishers are constantly disabling features and charging exorbitant sums for ebooks." -

"StoryBundle Sells Bundled, DRM-Free Indie Ebooks for Whatever You Think They’re Worth" - Lifehacker

"I'm seriously hoping that this is going to precipitate more interest in reading and in indie writers. There's simply not enough of either going on." - PC World

Best of all, the bundles are totally DRM-free. - boingboing

"...the strongest feature of the site is the DRM-free nature of the ebooks." - Good E-Reader

"With literally millions of ebooks available, a bundle service like this is a fantastic way to sort through it all. I’m able to say from the author side, it’s an incredible way to get exposure." - Sound and Vision Mag (and StoryBundle participant, Geoffrey Morrison)

"Storybundle has an interesting business model that allows readers to set their own pricing..." - Forbes

"New online book publisher StoryBundle is taking a leap of faith with its customer base: Readers get to decide how much to pay." - Ecommerce Times

"As I've ranted before, e-books are seriously overpriced (regardless of publishers' math to the contrary), and this sort of bundling looks like a win for everyone involved." - CNET

"The genius part of the StoryBundle project isn’t the pricing, though — it’s the bundling" - Lulu

"So let’s review: Support independent authors. Give a portion of the proceeds to great charities. Set your own price for the whole package. Awesome, right?" - Gear Diary

"It’s a great platform for indie writers to get their writing out to the masses, and it definitely looks like it’ll be a great source for hungry readers like me." - Gizmodo UK

"Self-publishing is definitely not easy and getting the word out there about your book is even harder. However, there are some great start-ups that are changing that and StoryBundle is one of those." - Fangirl Confessions

"If you have fallen in love with your e-reader but not the price of the books, StoryBundle may well become your new best friend. In fact, as far as deals go, StoryBundle ranks high on my list." - LockerGnome

What readers are saying about the books featured in The Big Bang Bundle

"I loved Undersea, such a riveting read. Thanks!" - Jim Bruges

"Such a well-weaved story. More complex than the first and just as enthralling. I actually feel guilty paying so little for it."- Catherine

"All I can say is WOW! I loved The Heretic and had to go right out and buy book #2. Can't wait to start reading!" - Susan

"I've just finished both Bypass Gemini & Unstable Prototypes! You're a fantastic writer and I look forward to the 3rd book!" - Naman Shah (@numshah)

"[Lou Hood] is now my 2nd favorite author, behind Rick Riordan." - Alex, age 11

"Once I had started [Undersea], I could not put it down! A different take on the end of the world. Superb action sequences under the waves, and lots of suspense right up to the last page! Please Geoffrey write a sequel!" - Michael

"I recently bought the first two books of the Diaspora trilogy in the StoryBundle and loved them! Thank you for writing something that brightens up my evenings!" - Miro Benner

"Just finished reading Bypass Gemini and wanted to let you know that I read it in a day. This was not because I am a speed reader but because I couldn’t put it down. I purchased it as part of a Story Bundle and couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to start Unstable Prototypes. Your character development was impressive and had me hooked from the start. You are very talented in terms of science fiction and can’t wait to read the rest of your books!" - Nathan Tempel

"Like Nathan I picked up Bypass Gemini via StoryBundle. In fact, it was the sample from Bypass Gemini that made me decide to purchase the bundle. I am very glad I purchased the bundle just for this book. And I look forward to reading Unstable Prototypes. The characters were quite enjoyable as was the story. I’ve now picked up The Book of Deacon. While I’m not a huge fantasy fan, given how much I enjoyed Bypass Gemini, I have to give it a read. Thanks very much, nice to find a new author to enjoy." - Bill