Amanda Meadows is a humor writer and editor in West Hollywood, CA. As co-publisher of The Devastator, she has been featured on Paste, The Verge, and ComicsAlliance. Amanda was recently named a 2015 Rising Star by Publishers Weekly.

Robin Higgins is a comedy writer and performer who has contributed to McSweeney's, Reductress, and Cracked. She's co-creator of the Higgs Weldon comedy website and currently performs improv with the UCB MessHall team The Up and Up.

We Don't Think You're Racist! by Amanda Meadows and Robin Higgins

Do you fear being called racist more than anything?

Do you also fear actual self-improvement?

This helpful book contains soothing affirmations alongside smiling faces from people of color. Relax as they massage your guilt and fill you with undue confidence. Remember: You don't have to be an ally as long as you feel like one.


"To date, this is The Devastator's bestselling book, and it's easy to see why. The authors draw from their own real-life anguish and the everyday frustrations of people of color across the country, to create a hilarious, razor sharp, and brutally honest take on race relations in America. If more people read this book, the world would literally be a better place! And if you think that's hyperbole, that's because you haven't read it yet." – Geoffrey Golden



  • "A hilarious yet informative read for anyone who's unknowingly said something stupid to someone of another race. It should be listed under Self-Help!"

    – Roy Wood Jr., correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • "The perfect gift for that white dude who 'settled' the neighborhood, making it safe for the rest of the white people to move in!"

    – Keith Knight, cartoonist of The K Chronicles and Th(ink)
  • "Just get it. Get this book."

    – Andrew Ti, Yo Is This Racist?



Dear Caring Ally,

We, the people of color in the world, want to congratulate you on being so open minded. You are perfect.

You understand every single ethnic group without prejudice. You know everything about our food and hairstyles. You are aware of the dances.

When you sing along to our songs, our souls sing with you.

We laud you for your empathy and generosity of spirit to all people of color, collectively and as individuals. It is with gratitude that we pay you this blessing.

You are not racist.

If you fear that the racial bias deeply embedded within our society has tainted your worldview, let us put your mind at ease. You are simply far too evolved.

When you utter a word in any other language, we appreciate that you spent your valuable time learning that one word. That one momentous word which closed a gap.

Ally, we made this book for you. Hold it dear to your wise heart.

Read this book the next time a think piece, celebrity tweet, or even a friend makes you feel as if you might have been a little racist. And remember this mantra:

That doesn't apply to me, because I get it.

Fist bump,

All Minorities