Comedian and "sex expert" Paige Weldon is a Los Angeles comedian who has performed at The Meltdown, Bridgetown, Riot LA and SF Sketchfest. She's the co-founder of The Higgs Weldon comedy site.

Drama Sutra (Zine) by Paige Weldon

It's the Kama Sutra like you've never seen (or felt) it before. Kick your sex life into gear with this guide to ten basic sexual positions and all their icky emotional implications.


"Listen, sex is important. Some of you might even be having sex right now! We were stunned by this funny as hell zine by stand-up comedian Paige Weldon because she perfectly nails the laidback cool we're all pretending to have around our sex friend, y'know, to cover up all the anxiety, jealousy, tiredness, or confusion plaguing our brains during hetero intercourse. Paige is also a great artist, drawing the sex positions and hand-lettering the words herself. I've noticed women *really* love this zine, so ladies: slip this one onto your dude's tablet and see what happens." – Amanda Meadows



  • "A sex guide for those who are more likely to have 'all the feels' rather than just have the sort of sex that people only dream about."

    – The Comedy Bureau
  • "With a dry, witty style that's evident even on her Twitter feed, Weldon has published several zines, including The Drama Sutra."

    – The AV Club
  • "Weldon's THE DRAMA SUTRA is exactly what you need to spice things up and examine "the feels" of it all. If satire and humping is your game, get to playing!"

    – Comedy Cake



The Basic Model

"It's no big deal!"

Why make a fuss? Nothing matters anyway! Get down to business and get outta there by midnight with The Basic Model.

What You Will Need: Nothing dude, you're good.

Recommended Playlist: "Workday Jams"

Lady Tips – Keep It Simple Stupid: Kiss your sex friend! It's nice, and minimized awkward eye contact.

Guy Tips – Knee Jerk Reaction: Sometimes you gotta follow your first instinct. Show her you know the basics before you get fancy and reveal you care. (Ew!)

Lady Tips – Easy Does It: Don't let him believe that you're trying too hard! Just relax and let the crushing weight of another body lull you to a satisfied sleep.

Hot Tip: Keep going for seriously like one more second.

Pro: Orgasms probably.

Con: Not spicy.