Jude Willhoff is a bestselling and award-winning author in both romance and nonfiction. By day, she works alongside her husband with their real estate investments. "Though I could always use more time to write, the hours spent working with real estate are never dull and are a constant source of ideas for plots and characters," she says. By night, she writes her contemporary romance and nonfiction books.

From Dreamer to Doer by Jude Wilhoff

Stop dreaming and start doing today! Take control of your writing career on your own terms with this 12-Step Indie Author Business Plan for Writing Success. After all, your book is more than a work of art. It's also a commercially viable product that readers will want to purchase and bookstores will compete to sell. If traditional publishers require a business plan for each and every book they market, why shouldn't you? It's time to take the reins and be professional by creating a business plan for your work so you can join the world-wide publishing party! It includes how to:

  • Define your business. What do you want from your business?
  • Create a business plan for each of your books.
  • Prepare a media sheet for each book.
  • Brand yourself, not just the book you're publishing today.
  • Social media and book marketing.
  • Promote using services to help with your marketing plan.
  • Set a budget for your writing. Calculate the cost of publishing your book.
  • Price strategy. Discover how to look at competition creatively.
  • Target audience and learn about metadata and your author platform.
  • Determine who your reader is and the size of the audience.


Jude Wilhoff is the other author in the bundle who is new to me. Some of my most dedicated indie author friends sang her praises as a great promoter and successful author. She offered From Dreamer to Doer to help inspire you. – Kevin J. Anderson



  • "This book is fantastic for those starting out on their indie publishing journey, and a great refresher for those who've done it for a while. With links to resources, a time-table, and solid advice on how to market and run your writing business, (for make no mistake, as an indie author, you are running a business!), this book takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step. The most inspirational part of the book is the author's personal story on overcoming adversity and giving her dream the chance it deserves. She leads by example and shares the steps she took to make her dream come true. This book is a keeper!"

    – MuseBemused on Amazon
  • "This book goes where many books have not gone before. From Dreamer to Doer takes indie publishing to a whole new level. There were so many ideas in the content of this book, many of which I did not think of. While you can find an abundance of 'How to Write' books, this one guides you through the business side of being Indie writer/publisher. Jude walks you through all that, making your writing/publishing career a professional business. This is a must read for every indie writer out there, from the beginner to the experienced. A big thank you to Jude for taking her time and experiences and writing it all down. From Dreamer to Doer is the first book you should read if you have not hit the publish button yet."

    – Suzanne Dean
  • "From Dreamer to Doer: A 12-Step Indie Author Business Plan for Writing Success contains useful tips, links, and lists of promotional services that every author needs. It takes self-publishing to a whole other level. It's an amazing read for authors who want to turn their writing career into a business. This author pulls no punches and tells it like it is. This is a standout guide of how to self-publish in a crowded field. She has been through hell and back with her personal story, but shows you how to take charge of your writing career and how to make your plan and work your plan for writing success. Great for newbies and pros!"

    – Jennie Marts, romance author



Chapter One

Step One: Define Your Business

Enough for now about what triggered me to action toward my writing dreams. I hope what triggers you to start your own business is a lot less dramatic than what happened to me. We're all unique people and at a different place on our writing journey. Now it's your turn to get to the business of defining your own business plan and I'm here to help you.

Okay, confession time. I've always been a goal-oriented person. As with most things I do in life, I've found I need a plan of action to get me there. Like a good business person, during my first year of indie publishing, I planned out the first six months of my marketing, and did well. The second half of that first year I drifted and so did my sales. I got off on tangents of social media, marketing and writing. I would neglect an area and I'd fall down in my rankings or I wouldn't get anything written. It got complicated. A big lesson learned. Things have to be consistent, not hit and miss. Learn from my mistakes.

With all this happening, it became abundantly clear that I needed a well-defined plan of action. After all, this was my writing future. I decided to write out my business plan for an entire year using the same guidelines as if I were going to the bank for a small business loan. I made it a step-by-step plan of action with everything on my writing calendar. And as a plus, with it all written out, I can always refer back to it when needed.

Today, I would like to share this plan with you. These days, no matter how we're published, we all have to do the work! Here's to your successful future as an indie author, a hybrid author, or a traditionally published author.