Jonathan Maberry is a "New York Times" bestselling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and Marvel Comics writer. He s the author of many novels, including "Assassin s Code", "Dead of Night", "Patient Zero", and "Rot & Ruin". His nonfiction books cover topics ranging from martial arts to zombie pop-culture. Jonathan continues to teach the celebrated Experimental Writing for Teens class, which he created. He founded the Writers Coffeehouse and cofounded The Liars Club, and he is a frequent speaker at schools and libraries, as well as a keynote speaker and guest of honor at major writers and genre conferences. Jonathan lives in Del Mar, California, with his wife, Sara, and their son, Sam. Visit him at and on Twitter (@JonathanMaberry) and Facebook.

WESTON OCHSE (pronounced oaks) has won the Bram Stoker Award and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In addition to his previous SEAL Team 666 novels, his work has appeared in comic books and magazines such as "Cemetery Dance" and "Soldier of Fortune". He is a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer and current intelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency. He lives in Arizona within shouting distance of the International Border.

SNAFU - An Anthology of Military Horror by Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse and more

War is Hell...

Soldiers fight to survive.

They fight each other, and they fight the demons inside. Sometimes, they fight real monsters. SNAFU collects stories of ancient myths, time travellers, horrors in the old west… and the soldiers who fight them. Featuring some of the best writers working in the field today. Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse, Greig Beck and James A Moore lead the way, with a contingent of emerging authors to back them up.

Fight or die.


SNAFU – The original SNAFU anthology, and still one of our bestselling. We really went wild seeking out the best authors I could get hold of, and boy did we get some great ones. Over 60 positive Amazon reviews, and it's no wonder when you see the line-up. – Cohesion Press



  • "Editors Geoff Brown and Amanda J. Spedding deserve immense credit for both the consistent quality and extraordinary variety to the stories they have compiled around the theme of military horror. Preconceptions that the genre is all overly-macho soldiers and gun porn are emphatically disabused by a collection of writers, both new and established, wholeheartedly embracing the theme and producing short fiction of the highest quality."

    – Ross Warren, This is Horror
  • "Not one of the stories failed to attract and hold my interest. Not one of them failed to suggest new ways of looking and old monsters, and old ways of looking at new ones. It's been a while since I've encountered a collection whose authors responded to the theme with such wholesale enthusiasm or one that so neatly defined and redefined its title: SNAFU.

    Strongly recommended."

    – Michael R. Collings, Hellnotes
  • "This is Cohesion Press' first anthology, and if it's any indication of what this publisher has to offer, boy are we readers in for a treat."

    – Steve Pattee, Horror Talk
  • "My expectations were not that high for this anthology. Although I love horror in all its many forms, I've never been that big a fan of the military story. Well, I needn't have worried at all. SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror delivers. Every story killed (pun intended)."

    – Gilliand, Cemetery Dance
  • "This is an amazing collection. Every one of the stories is gripping and enjoyable…. A must for fans of military horror, or just fans of good action horror stories."

    – Amazon Review




War is hell.

Nothing puts people closer to their base state than a threat to their life. Nothing reveals their animal nature more than the desire for survival at any cost. People trained for war have to deal with these extremes time after time, surviving for a greater purpose. Or at least, one hopes so. Because survival in a personal fight can be selfish, but survival in war might mean the fate of nations, or even species. And pretty much every permutation of that kind of fight for survival is explored in the stories you're about to read.

Don't be fooled into thinking an anthology of military horror is just a book full of Platoon or Aliens knock-offs. In these pages, the variety of story you'll find is staggering.

Historical and imagined, science-fictional and contemporary. Mythos, the Wild West and Special Forces. Great wars, small wars and the American Civil War. Shapeshifters and ghosts and extraterrestrial parasites. Japanese demons and supernatural special agents. Monsters large and small. Battles fought with raging gunfire and earth-shattering explosions and battles fought cold, with paper trails and subterfuge. Battles won and lost in moments and battles that stretch across aeons.

There's great variety in story style and length too. From very short stories to novella length yarns with lots of meat ready to be stripped off their bones. This book is a fine achievement and a great example of a theme superbly explored.

You'll enjoy all the approaches here and the great writing from both established names and emerging talents. But no matter the variety, one thing that doesn't change from tale to tale is the underlying truth evident in every one. Lives are at risk, great stakes are being played but throughout every page we're never allowed to forget that regardless of the nature of the enemy, the real horror is war itself.