Greg Enslen grew up an Air Force brat and has visited every state in the union, living in a good chunk of them. He's been writing since High School but has recently found the time to get serious about it after moving with his family to Ohio from the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. He's written three novels and two works of nonfiction, and has several more books on the way.

Black Bird by Greg Enslen

Jack Terrington has an aptitude for getting away with murder. He’s been doing it for twenty years. He’s a drifter, leaving a trail of fear and death from coast to coast. And though he’s always avoided capture, he’s haunted by the memory of the sheriff of Liberty, Virginia — Jack had escaped him only by dumb luck. And that’s always bothered him. Now, he’s returning to the small town to settle the score.

Meanwhile, David Beaumont couldn’t wait to leave Liberty—he was tired of listening to endless stories about what a great man his father was, how he saved their town from a killer, sacrificing his own life. David’s on his way to a new life, leaving his hometown—and his father—far behind. But the killings have started again, and David’s the only one that can stop them. Should he return to the town he despises? And if he does, will he end up like his father—dead?



  • This was the most disturbing book I have ever read. If you enjoy reading about serial killers this is the book for you. "Black Bird" is not just a thriller, but more like a manifesto of an intense character. It is an unforgettable read.

    Jack Terrington gets away with murder for a very long time. Murder after murder after murder has gone unsolved as Jack continues to feed his Urge. He is a murderer, a "collector", and one sick twisted individual. One close call with law enforcement in a small town in Virginia has haunted him for years. He wants revenge on the sheriff that came close to beating him. However, the sheriff is long dead, having been killed by Jack himself, his star a trophy piece in Jack's collection.

    Feathered Quill
  • Supporting characters in the book and subsequent plots, involve a promising FBI rookie and a mastermind FBI computer, the son of the sheriff and his supporting girlfriend, his drunkard aunt and just-cracked-open trust fund, a huge Hurricane named Mandy, and a whole cast of victims who fall prey to the murderous man in a white van.

    There is an interesting bit of the mystical throughout the story, involving a blackbird and later a whole flock of various bird species. This added a nice touch to the otherwise dark and troubling plot. Greg Enslen seems to be a mastermind at characterization. You will not soon forget this book.

    Heather Froeschl,
  • I highly recommend this book. This suspense thriller takes place in a fictitious town of Liberty, Virginia (near the I-95 about 15 miles north of Fredricksburg, VA). Black Bird (Greg Enslen's first novel) earned the editor's choice award from the publisher, iUniverse. The book has extremely well developed plot lines, is very well written, and culminates in classic battle between good and evil. The villain is a really bad guy and the people that are trying to find him each have their own reasons for wanting him captured.

    Ironically, Black Bird, which was published in December 2003, has a critical, climatic "scene" near the end of the book (page 501) which parallels one of the final scenes in the movie "The Passion of the Christ." This book belongs on everybody's "must read" list and is sure to be a national best seller once it is picked up by a conventional publisher. The plot would also make a very gripping movie.

    Amazon Reviewer
  • Seldom have I read a book with such intricately developed characters, each contributing to the plot with an intensity that made Black Bird a great thriller. A disturbing thriller, yes, but not to the gorey extent to which other popular authors resort. This would make a good movie and it's fun to imagine casting the players. I am looking forward to more from this young promising author.

    Amazon Reviewer
  • Jack Terrington enjoys his occupation - he gets to travel, meet new people, and indulge in his appetite for...killing—with no consequences. He's smart and knows it. But not smarter than one sheriff in one small town long ago... where he *almost* got caught. A fact that drives him crazy the rest of his 'career'. Finally, near 'retirement', he revisits the town of his biggest failure and plans his worst deeds yet...You will be shocked to peek into the mind of an evil killer and catch a glimpse of his version of reality. Along the way, you will enjoy the story of a young man , David, with no purpose in life except to escape his hometown as soon as possible - even if it means breaking it off with the only girl who ever understood him. But something else is pulling him back... evil has returned to settle the score. Will he rise to the challenge?

    There are so many layers to this novel, so many levels of interest - the storytelling abilities of this author are amazing. It will invite you in, then take you on a ride so unbelievable that you will have to race through the book before returning to normal life again. The ending is surprising and clever. What an incredible movie this would make! Watch this author...this is the beginning of a bright career.

    Amazon Reviewer


Jack Terrington had just reached the grassy median and started across it when his foot caught on some uneven asphalt in the median, sending him sprawling. His bag went flying and he landed with a hard ‘thump’ on the muddy grass of the median. The wind was knocked from his body, and he lay gasping for air, the rain spattering to the ground around him.

He started to get up, but instead he lifted his head up and saw the police car racing toward him and he stayed down, staying glued to the ground, willing the cops to ignore the dark shape he made on the median. The car came closer and he buried his face in the mud, ignoring the disgusting squishing sound, and laid as flat as he could.

The police car, its lights flashing and spinning lazily, raced past him, and did not stop, or even slow. He couldn’t see it but he heard its passage, and when it was gone, he looked up, seeing the twin red taillights as they disappeared into the distance.

Luck, again.

He would’ve never made it across the road without being spotted, even as heavy as this rain was coming down. A lucky fall, sending him into this shallow depression, had shielded him from discovery. Just like his luck at realizing that he was being driven instead of chased – tonight he was getting very lucky.

He stood slowly and wiped mud and water from his face and clothes. He retrieved his duffel bag and headed across the northbound lanes of traffic, reaching the far side of the road without any more problems and, scrambling down the opposite embankment and back into the woods, he turned south. His mind was made up now – he could head north and get away from all of this trouble, but he had to end it all, here, tonight. The Sheriff needed to pay or he would hound him forever, sending out APB’s and manhunts and announcing Jack’s presence to the entire world. And Jack wanted to stay unknown for a long, long time.

Jack skirted the tree line that edged the highway, working his way south, following the patrol car. Chances were pretty good it was headed for a roadblock of some sort, and hopefully, the Sheriff would be there, waiting for him. The dogs had been making a lot of noise, driving him east, and if Jack hadn’t taken that slight northern detour, he would’ve come out on the Interstate a little ways south of here. That’s where Beaumont had to be—Jack knew it.