Annie Bellet is the USA Today bestselling author of The Twenty-Sided Sorceress, Six-gun Shifters, and the Gryphonpike Chronicles series. She holds a BA in English and a BA in Medieval Studies and thus can speak a smattering of useful languages such as Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Welsh.

Her interests besides writing include rock climbing, reading, horse-back riding, video games, comic books, table-top RPGs, and many other nerdy pursuits. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband.

The Gryphonpike Chronicles - The Complete Series by Annie Bellet

This is the Complete Series edition, comprised of all six adventure fantasy novellas in the Gryphonpike Chronicles series.

The mute elven archer known only as Killer. Azyrin, a half Winter-orc shaman and his human swordswoman bride, Makha. Drake, the charming, swashbuckling rogue. The fireball-slinging pixie-goblin, Rahiel, and her mini-unicorn, Bill. These are the Gryphonpike Companions.

Cursed to silence, the Elemental Elf known only as Killer must complete one thousand good deeds to break her curse and return to her home realm. She travels with a ragged team of adventurers as they face off dragons, undead, and scheming humans in these adventure fantasy novellas.

This omnibus edition includes: Witch Hunt, Twice Drowned Dragon, A Stone's Throw, Dead of Knight, Brood Mother, and Into the North.


I met Annie Bellet at a writer's workshop several years ago, and am delighted to count her among my friends. Her USA Today bestselling Twenty-Sided Sorceress series is a perfect blend of nerdy urban fantasy – but in addition, she's written a D&D inspired series of adventures in The Gryphonpike Chronicles. We're lucky to have an EXCLUSIVE edition of the collected Gryphonpike tales to enjoy as part of the Epic Elves StoryBundle. – Anthea Sharp




We all know this tale. There once was a beautiful elven princess who lived in a crystal forest in a hidden kingdom far beyond the common worlds. Her voice was unparalleled among the World-singers and her power brought her all she desired.

Until Wrath and Pride wound their way around her heart, turning songs of beauty and creation into songs of death and violence. For her crimes, she was cast out and cursed to live among the lesser creatures, among the elves and men who had forgotten those who sang into existence the earth they squabbled over. Her voice was stolen; her words taken like ember-waves melt footprints from the glowing sands.

Her banishment and silence will end when she has purged her crime by doing one thousand good deeds. So she joined with a rag-tag band of adventurers who call themselves the Gryphonpike Companions.

I am that foolish Singer. These are the chronicles of my path home.

* * *