Rosemary Danielis loved to imagine she'd end up in the richly illustrated fairy tales her mother read to her when she was small. Rubbing her hands over the enchanted forests and mythical creatures that lived on the pages, she fell head over heels into the world of books; a love that has stayed with her ever since.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Communications, she worked in Public Relations and Computer Training. Many happy, hectic years spent raising her four children, reading them hundreds of wonderful books led her to the realization that she was ready to create stories of her own.

Love's Bloom by Rosemary Danielis

Twenty-two year old, Marigold Matthews, can't wait to return home to Heartland Cove and get started on all the fabulous plans she's made during her four long years at university. She'll take over the family farm, start her own organic edible flower business, find a way to help train her do-nothing brother, Ben, providing both of them with a job and an income. Then, she'll finally marry Walter, her high-school sweetheart and live happily ever after.

All her plans fly out the window when her father informs her he's going on a surprise European vacation and leaving the farm in Ben's incompetent hands. To make matters worse Walter can't understand why she's upset because, turns out he always thought she'd join him running his family-run hardware store after they were married, something Marigold has no desire to do.

The final straw shows up in the form of Mace Winthrop, a student Marigold clashed with back in college. Mace has a job with a huge farming conglomerate and shows up with a mission to snatch up independent farmlands, like hers.

Marigold has her hands full teaching Ben the ropes, tending her own acres, trying to work things out with Walter and keeping her guard up against the charming and persistent powers of Mace Winthrop. Part of her wants to just run away and reinvent herself somewhere new, but Heartland Cove has a hold of her heart that just won't let go.


Marigold Matthews has the most amazing dreams for her future. She wants to start her own organic farm, settle down and get married, and take the reins of her life in her own two, capable hands. Too bad the second she returns home from university, not one thing goes according to plan.

What's she supposed to do when all the men in her life have their own ideas about what she should be doing? Worse, what if the most enticing suggestions come from hunky Mace Winthrop and not from her fiancée. This beautifully crafted contemporary romance explores the boundaries of love and justice. Rosemary's writing is crisp, yet luxurious. Her characters are endearing, and the romance heart-melting. The topic of this book could be ripped from the headlines. It is as poignant as it is romantic. This book is about choices, in love and otherwise. It features a home-grown heroine, one who is fierce to protect and preserve Heartland Cove. – Jacquie Gee



  • "I truly enjoyed reading this book. The heroine, Marigold Matthews (I love that name, by the way) was such a smart, spunky girl. I'd be friends with her any day. Great characters and storyline."

    – Amanda Stefanovic
  • "It was a cute, very entertaining book. I read it all in one sitting. A real wholesome, and romantic, falling-in-love story."

    – Nikki
  • "If you love the countryside, you'll love this story. There's such a wonderful outdoor feel to many of the scenes with beautiful descriptions. I'm fascinated with the idea of an organic edible flower garden. This summer I'm going to have to try some edible flowers in my salads!"

    – Sdurbano89
  • "A good book is one that you don't want to ever end, and when it does you feel a little bit sad because you've come to really like the characters. There's an intimate, closeness in the dialogue between Marigold, her brother and her father. The characters are realistic and likeable. I felt like I knew them personally. Very well written."

    – Stefanie Marie
  • "Ah, I can't resist a love triangle, especially if it's made up of sweet heroes, who aren't muscle-flexing jerks. It's hard not to love dependable, loveable Walter. It's also hard not to fall for Mace, who makes you angry, but he also makes your heart thump and your pulse race…"

    – CorinneDG



Our faces are inches away from each other.

"When I wrote 'forever' I meant it, you know."

Walter starts to disappear from my arms and at first I don't understand what's happening. Next thing I know, he's down on one knee looking up at me. My heart beats with huge, pounding thumps as he reaches into the pocket of his pants and pulls out a small, square box.

"Mary Matthews, will you marry me?"

Walter looks up at me and his brown eyes melt my heart in place. And this surprises me. I've always expected that we'd end up married. We started dating in high school and have just always been together. We don't have the fiery, passionate love you read about in romance novels but I don't believe most of that is even true. I've always felt happy and safe with Walter and never felt the need to look for anyone else. We're together and that's the way I expect us to stay.

But here he is in Heartland Bridge, at our special spot, down on one knee and I'm surprised at this moment because I never thought this would be the only predictable, expected thing to happen when everything else in my life is spinning out of control.

I have no idea how long I stand silently staring at him until I see the worried look in his eyes.

"Did I rush things? I did, didn't I?" He jumps to his feet. "I knew I should have waited until you'd gotten settled in a bit, plus with everything that you've just told me, the crazy stuff going on..." I try to speak, but he rushes on. "I'm just so excited to start my life with you. I went to see your father a few weeks ago, to let him know my intentions and he was so supportive. Look, if you'd like to wait—"

"No! I mean yes." Gah - what am I saying? Quite rightly, Walter looks confused. "I mean no, you've done nothing wrong, I don't need to wait and yes! Yes, of course I'll marry you."

I hold out my hand and he takes the simple but pretty diamond solitaire ring and slides it on my finger. Slowly, sweetly, his lips find mine, joining us together. Happy tears collect under my closed lids and I stay in his arms until the darkened sky tells us it's time to head home. It's quite late by the time we exit the bridge and walk back towards the city center.

"Thank you for making my return home so magical," I whisper.