Chris Reher was born on a dark and stormy night at the very northern end of Germany, where things tend to be dark and stormy. Her placement in a Danish kindergarten frequently left her parents confused but ignited her love of language at a tender age. She moved to Canada some years later, where she added the language (not French) in which she now creates science fiction adventures, most often in the form of fast-paced space opera. She blames Battlestar Galactica for informing her formative years. As of 2018, she has penned nine speculative fiction novels and has appeared in several anthologies. The two Targon Tales series are now available in audio format, published by Podium Publishing. In her spare time, she breeds tardigrades in her garden.

The Catalyst (Targon Tales: Book 1) by Chris Reher

It's no easy tour of duty for Lt. Nova Whiteside when her interstellar transport is taken by pirates and she is then tagged for termination. Could it have something to do with the mysterious alien they were transporting? Having gone from merely MIA to technically AWOL, any chance of escape leaves her no choice but to rely on Sethran Kada, a former lover, for help.

Unfortunately, she realizes that they are now on opposite sides of an escalating war between the Commonwealth Union of Planets and an increasingly dangerous rebel organization.

In trying to find who is threatening her life, they discover a plot to destroy a distant planet - a world inhabited by creatures that are the key to Nova's survival - and a conspiracy that threatens the stability of the Union Commonwealth.


In a good space opera, there are certain things you look for. Fascinating Interstellar civilizations, thrilling adventures in deep space, long odds, worlds at war, and bad ass soldiers. Chris Reher wraps them all brilliantly into a story that's satisfying on its own, but even better as the start of the Targon Tales series. – Joseph R. Lallo



  • "As an avid sci fi fantasy reader of over 200 books a year I love standalone, trilogies and series that go on and on as long as they are captivating and worth reading. This is another great book to read, great story and full of adventure"

    – Amazon Review
  • "Satisfying adventure. The plot unwinds at a crisp pace. The characters develop in a real manner and some show real nuance in their portrayals. If you enjoy a good space opera, then this just might make your day."

    – Amazon Review
  • "I enjoyed the action, the humor, the remote planets, and the interrelationships. I especially liked the fascinating aliens. The description of the planet Naiya and its lifeforms was beautiful. I read this because I very much enjoyed Reher`s book, Only Human. This story was just as good. A quick read for fun and adventure."

    – Amazon Review
  • "A wonderfully written space adventure that starts with action on page one and doesn't stop until the last page. There are several twists and turns throughout, both in the story and in the characters. Worth the read, and it's even one of those rare books I will probably re-read at some point and has earned a permanent place on my Kindle."

    – Goodreads review
  • "I wish there were more books like this"

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Nova stumbled out of the cockpit into the main cabin, a cluttered combination of living and work space, lined with storage bins and what appeared to be laundry. She tossed her respirator aside and slumped into a scuffed bucket chair. The dizziness had subsided but the happenings of the past hour had taken their toll. An annoying scrape in her throat demanded attention as much as the wound on her neck.

Seth followed and perched on the edge of a broad lounger beside her chair. "What a ride, huh? Does your neck hurt? It's still bleeding."

She leaned toward him and pulled his gun from its holster. She regarded it thoughtfully and then pointed it at him. The safety went off audibly enough. His eyes widened.

"I will give you about five minutes to explain why you attacked our ship and killed six Union officers along with over forty civilians and the crew. Not to mention how you knew about the tank and its contents. Then you are going to set course for Targon or I will kill you now and go there by myself."

Seth swallowed hard. Nova's accusation had been delivered with all the emotional involvement of a weather report. The barrel of the gun was aimed levelly at this head. He knew well that she was not only authorized but also quite capable of using it to kill even him.