The Devastator is a comedy book series featuring new works by 30+ renowned and upcoming writers and artists from The Daily Show, Conan, The Simpsons, Marvel, DC Comics, Adult Swim, Onion News Network, McSweeney's and more!

The Devastator: Fantasy by The Devastator

The Devastator’s fifth book is the stuff of legends! Contained within the pages of "Fantasy" are parodies of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy and so much more, featuring contributions from Tony Millionaire, Zach Weiner and a cover by Dan Hipp. Flip the issue over for our playable Dungeons and Dragons take­off, Wizards of C*ckblock Forest. It's comedy double damage!


One of our all-time favorite funny books in The Devastator series. It was an epic journey putting these hilarious cartoonists and comedy writers together. – Geoffrey Golden, The Devastator



  • "Warp speed satire."

  • "It's seriously funny."

    –The Escapist
  • "Devastator is poised to start picking up the slack left by the decline of magazines like Mad, Cracked or even Lampoon, with a smart mix of humorous prose and comics."

    –Jeffrey Brown, author of Darth Vader and Son and Cats Are Weird



You and your party wander into an enchanted forest. Amongst the treacherous trees and fire goblins, you find pretentious art house movie theaters, overpriced coffee shops, and fancy furniture stores no one dares walk inside. Imagine a world just like Brooklyn or Echo Park, but magic is real, so it's not that horrible.

Want to become this world's most powerful Wizard? It takes years of toil and sacrifice, dedicating every waking moment of your life to the arduous art of spell­casting. Or you could convince Faeries to have sex with you. You make the call!

Faeries are ambisexual creatures with a magical, Silly Puddy­like substance for genitals. When a Wizard "gets it on" (has sex) with a Faerie, the Wizard gains magic power, and the Faerie gains many enchanted regrets! However, there are scarce few Faeries in this?forest. To become the alpha Wizard, you must shut down your fellow sorcerers' game — by any means necessary!

Friendships will be broken, wingmen will betray those for whom they wanged, and many Fligglenaxes will be slain in the world of...


17th Edition Player's Handbook

Not For Tournament Play

"The most enjoyable, least awkward part of Dungeons & Dragons is role­playing sex. That's why I've turned it into an entire game!" ­WoCF creator Allen "Al" Finkle