Mason Elliott grew up loving Science Fiction and Fantasy in all of their myriad forms. That love has transferred into his dedicated writing. Like many writers, he lives a spartan lifestyle, and yearns to devote his life even more to his writing. So be a fan, buy his stuff, and enjoy!

Naero's Run by Mason Elliott

2595: Ten years after The Fourth Spacer War with the rival Gigacorps.

Naero Amashin Maeris works in her Clan's merchant fleet, dreaming of her own ship and developing psyonic powers without going nuts. After tragedy strikes her Clan in the Unknown Regions, agents from the Corps stalk her, believing she holds the key to secrets priceless and deadly: lost tek data from an ancient, godlike alien race. 

Soon she's caught up in a white hot intrigue of raiders, assassins, and warring interstellar spies and navies.



  • "YA sci-fi, a vibrant universe, a coming of age story. Mason Elliott spins a wonderful tale of a teen girl, who wants nothing more than to live up to her parent's legacy. Like all good stories, what Naero wants and what she needs are two different things. There's a secret living inside her. An alien database that holds vast knowledge. Is it a boon, or a curse?

    An action packed start to a good series. I enjoyed reading it and readily gobbled up the rest of the series. There's a lot of mystery and intrigue. Many times you don't know who the good guys and bad guys are. Everyone has their own agenda, which always makes for good fiction. An excellent read."

    – Amazon Review
  • "This was an EPIC journey in a young Warrior's life. She lost both parents to an ambush and became the #1 wanted Spacer in all of the known world. Surprise after surprise in her journey. The author puts you into her head and you start to hunger for space. The action of the battles is truly awesome. You can picture wave after wave of ships of destruction. You hold your breath and weave and bob in defense of the attacks. I fell in love with Om. Bless his little whatever self, he becomes part of the Warrior in a funny, sad, hilarious, frightening way and tries to survive her. Twists and turns all through the book. There were parts with the miners that made me cry and I understood (it seemed like it was real, not a book) how parents would lay down their life for life. Tomorrow is 09-11-2014. This book really put what was in my heart after that attack into words. We all face something in our life that we have to pull down deep in us and give it life. This author is given 5 stars. The highest we are able to give, but in my heart I personally give her more. I bought this to read on my Samsung Tablet, but l plan to buy several books and give them to people that need to know, you are wonderfully made and unique. Go for it:)"

    – Amazon Review



Ellis's flip nature bothered Naero almost more than her former uncle's treachery–if in truth, he'd ever been her uncle.

Baeven might tell her anything to keep her off guard.

Even if he had been family once, as an outcast, he was dead to her and her clan now. Nothing would stop her from killing him if she got the chance.

Instead of Naero being ordered out, the security panel to the brig slid open without warning.

Baeven strode in among them.


Gallan attacked immediately. Followed by Ellis, and finally Tarim.

Baeven stunned Ellis with the back of his hand, knocking him ten meters across the room, leaving a red smear against the wall.

He endured a glancing blow from Gallan. He merely winded Tarim and let him drop.

Naero maneuvered for an opening.

Gallan gave it to her.

Baeven countered Gallan's combinations and flipped him into the high ceiling corner. The big Spacer fell hard and did not move.

Naero attacked low off the floor, and then from the adjacent wall behind Baeven.

She tossed hidden stun powder directly into Baeven's face.

He deftly deflected most of it with one hand, but still gagged and choked.

Naero followed up with combo kicks to several vital areas, like kicking someone made out of steel.

She hit Baeven with several microbomblets she and Gallan had kept concealed on them.

The blasts rocked him and pushed him back across the length of the cell.

She got a good running start, ending with a powerspin kick that should break his neck.

Baeven caught her ankle. Speed. Terrifying

His raw strength. Horrific.

With one hand, he slammed her against the wall to either side of him.

Wham, wham, wham.

Several times, faster than thought.

Massive pain erupted in her ribs, arms, and legs. Multiple tears, twists, contusions, and micro-fractures.

He dropped her to the floor, helpless and gasping, ribs moving in ways they shouldn't.

Baeven could have slain her and the others easily. At any time.

In a day or so, her smartblood might regenerate much of the damage. But he made sure her next several hours would be filled with wrenching pain every time she moved.

He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Naero gasped. She felt her eyes bulge as if they might burst.

She ground her teeth, but other than a few weak grunts, she did not cry out. She wouldn't give the bastard the satisfaction.

He stared into her eyes up close, his scorching breath on her face. "I warned you not to trifle with me. I thought you were smarter than this, Naero. But I guess not. I don't want to hurt you and your friends. But I will. If you force me to."

"Please, don't hurt her," Tarim pleaded, crawling on the ground, still clutching his gut. "Oh, Jesus."

"Be quiet," Baeven snapped.

He glared at Naero again and shook her, knowing full well the intense pain it caused.

She felt her eyes roll up. She almost blacked out.

"Listen to me," Baeven said "The next one who interferes with me I cripple. Including you, Naero. You don't need to be able to walk to be of use to me.

"The next I kill. No hesitation. No mercy. Understand?"

She barely managed to nod.

"Good. Now, come with me and cooperate. Clean yourself up. More interested parties have arrived. They wish to examine you, along with the others, and renew the bidding."

"Why didn't you just leave me with the Triaxians?" she said.

"They don't have the information I desire, and they always double-cross you in any case. I couldn't trust to their heavy-handed methods to tell me anything. Besides that, I detest them the most of all the Corps."

"I hope this is all worth it, you renegade son of a bitch."

He half-smiled. "Such flattery. Some of our new guests claim to have certain ancient testing methods they would like to try out on you. We shall see."

"Just what do you want, Baeven? Wealth, power, control?"

"Information. Knowledge. Still so many things I want to know, and I'm running out of time. Thus far, all the players know something. All of them possess one or more pieces to this puzzle. Perhaps these new tests will tip the scales. That's why I've lured them all here to this secret location–to find out who knows what, and put it all together."

"You're playing all the Corps against each other?" Naero laughed, even though it nearly killed her. "You didn't strike me as the ambitious or greedy type, Baeven. I guess you're just a criminally insane fool."

He smiled a grim smile. "You could be right." He led her out of the brig and secured it behind him.

"I have always been quite mad, they say."