Canadian recording artist & touring musician Heather Dale writes songs for witty, fun-loving, imaginative people who aren't afraid to be different. Heather's original songs tap into world legends, history and fantasy.

As a modern woman with Celtic roots, Heather finds new insight within old material, and cheerfully fuses the Celtic folk tradition with a healthy mix of world music and rock influences. She and the Heather Dale Band are cheerful, adventurous, free-spirited people who spend most of each year traveling around North America and Europe.

"Heather Dale soars ... an unabashed and uninhibited romantic who has found her voice and her musical wings." (Toronto Star)

The Trial of Lancelot by Heather Dale

After studying the King Arthur legends for several years, Heather Dale released her first studio CD in 2000. The Trial of Lancelot features Heather's haunting vocals and piano, along with cello, tin whistle, digeridoo and electric guitar. Some songs are a musical re-telling of Britain's King Arthur legends, while others explore the emotions of Arthur, Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay, Merlin and Lancelot from a first-person perspective.