Natalie Wise is a Dartmouth-educated poet, author, and style expert known as “Professional Sunshine.” She is all about pink lipstick, big sunglasses, her trademark #caffeinecrazy when she drinks coffee, and creating happy things for happy people. She lives in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Gifts in Jars by Natalie Wise

In this fun and festive guide, you will learn to make unique gifts packaged perfectly in glass jars that are sure to be cherished by all.

With Gifts in Jars, you will learn how to create countless varieties of gorgeous, handmade gifts that are perfect for any occasion, an all presented in glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Do you have an aspiring gardener on your gift list? Make a “plant bomb” jar with your favorite flower seeds, or a beautiful terrarium featuring easy-to-grow air plants. Headed to a bridal shower? Pamper your friend with a manicure kit or mint mojito lip scrub. And who wouldn’t love some homemade sugar cookie mix—especially when it comes in an attractive and reusable jar?

Glass jars are easy to come by and you can fill them with customized treasures to delight anyone on your list. Projects include:

  • Light-Up Fairy Jar
  • Barbecue Rub
  • Hot Fudge Topping
  • Snow-globe Scenes
  • Vanilla Citrus Sugar Hand Scrub
  • Citronella Oil Lamp
  • Bird Feeder
  • And many more!
Complete with tips for decorating jars, suggestions for gift tags, and inspiring full-color photographs, Gifts in Jars is full of gift-giving fun and inspiration.





I love giving gifts. I love crafting, creating, and offering presents made with my time and creativity. It fills a need deep in my own soul and hopefully fills a space in the heart of the receiver, too. Gifts let us celebrate the big and small accomplishments of life: graduating college, having a baby, or simply … Thursday. Thursdays are my favorite.

Creating gifts by hand means investing your life in someone else. You trade your time, which is in essence your life, for something you think will make that someone happy. What a wonderful exchange for happy hearts. I love it.

Gifts are great, but what makes gifts in jars special? First of all, jars are often at hand and easily accessible, making crafting homemade gifts a snap. Secondly, they offer a different take on "wrapping" things by making the presentation part of the gift. The self-contained nature of gifts in jars is exciting and different. Not to mention they're cute, and a ribbon tied around the top makes them even cuter.

I'm excited to share more than fifty ideas for gifts in (and made from) jars, both new and vintage. The jars come in all shapes and sizes, and the gift ideas are for everyone in your life. Let's take a closer look at jars, and then get crafting!