Pandora Celtica is a vocal band of five extraordinary performers with a fae flair. Our music comes from Celtic roots, with dark harmonies, folk and world-music influences, and a dash of steampunk. Our subject matter centers around old-world style maritime and faerie tales – dark with the powerful themes of sorrow, loss, and longing. We have five albums and are in studio for our sixth, a childrens’ steampunk faerie tale album.

Dog Party in the Key of Swinging Cats by Pandora Celtica

This album is Pandora Celtica's Freshman entry into the world of Celtic Folk. This album features tightknit harmonies wrapped around a wonderful collection of traditional Celtic shanties and battle songs along with a smattering of originals. The unique blend of voices, sans instruments (except for an occasional drum assist) ensures that this album will be unique in a genre that often is accused of all sounding alike. Pandora Celtica does it like no one else, they sing with a depth of feeling and haunting energy that grabs your heart strings and won't let go. They claim that they seek out and master the songs other bands are scared of and, "If it sank we'll sing about it".