Melissa Snark is a fantasy and romance author with a particular interest in pirates, werewolves, and mythology. Her Loki's Wolves series combines elements of both in a contemporary fantasy setting. She lives in Northern California with her husband, three children and a glaring of cats. Join Melissa Snark's newsletter to be notified of new releases.

Hook - Dead to Rights by Melissa Snark

Neverland is a wondrous isle of adventure.

Neverland is a cruel lie.

Children follow Peter Pan believing their dreams will come true—to never grow up.

Surprise, surprise... they never will. The children Peter Pan abducts are murdered or meet a grimmer fate.

I'm the child who escaped Peter's treachery. I've made it my life's calling to rescue the Lost Boys, even those who don't wish to be saved. Now Pan has a schooner he's using to steal even more children. I'm the only one who can stop him.

Call me Hook. I am the master and commander of a pirate ship, and I'll have my revenge on Peter Pan if it's the last thing I do.


Villains have always fascinated me. I especially love stories with a well-crafted antagonist that elevates the conflict to the next level. I love the story of Peter Pan, but Captain Hook had always come across as a bad guy without clear motivations. What fueled the captain's infamous obsession with capturing Lost Boys and defeating Peter Pan? I asked myself that question, then I wrote Hook: Dead to Rights. Along the way I learned answers that raised even more questions. Most importantly, I discovered that Captain Jayden Hook is the heroine of her own series which continues in Hook: Dead Wrong. –Melissa Snark



  • "Fans of "Peter Pan" will love this retelling. Ms. Snark's masterful imagery will awaken in every reader, the forever-young child at heart!" - 4 stars

    – InD'Tale Magazine



The music's final notes faded away. A completed song, yet somehow it seemed a commentary on my outburst.

"Do you have something you wish to say, Mr. Brown?"

"I wouldn't wish to seem impertinent, Captain..."

Virgil had a tired voice for a tired soul, but spoke without hesitation. He cracked his knuckles, which popped with a loud snap. Mr. Brown wore a raw ruby set in a gold band on his pinky finger, his only accessory. He'd told me once it'd belonged to his father.

I chuckled. "You do not seem impertinent. You are."

"Now, Captain Hook, no need to be surly."