Liz Bettsruns her Brighton-based quilting shop with her mum, Susan. She is a member of the Quilter's Guild and was invited to exhibit one of her own quilts at their stand at last year's Festival of Quilts.

Quilting Techniques for Beginners by Elizabeth Betts

A concise guide to the basics of quiltmaking—includes helpful color photos.


Start by learning:
· The basics of piecing
· How to use a rotary cutter
· How to make a quilt sandwich
· Binding your new project!


An easy-to-follow guide for anyone looking to start a new hobby, Quilting Techniques for Beginners can have you quilting in no time!





In patchwork, piecing is the term used for sewing fabric together. It can be done by hand, or on the machine. Try piecing using both methods to see what suits you.

When piecing together fabrics that are different colours, use thread in a beige or grey colour as your eye will not be drawn to it like it would be for a white thread. When I find a neutral colour that works, I buy large reels as it is economical and convenient. If making a quilt with fabrics in predominantly one colour, say blue, I would then use a mid-blue colour thread.

For piecing, use 100 per cent cotton, 50-weight thread as it is suitable for both hand and machine piecing, and easy to find.