Lindy Smith is an established name both as a D&C author and as a major influence in the world of sugarcraft. She teaches and runs workshops all over the world and her company, Lindy's Cakes, has expanded significantly over the past year, moving to new purpose-built premises where she employs a small, dedicated team of experts. Lindy is based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK.

The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible by Lindy Smith

Learn over 150 cake decorating techniques with this bestseller from the renowned sugarcraft expert!

This is the ultimate guide to contemporary cake design—you'll learn how to make decorated cakes, starting with basic sugarcraft tools, baking recipes, and ingredients, and finishing with advanced modeling techniques, including royal icing stenciling, brush embroidery, buttercream piping, using sugar cutters and molds, making cake jewelry, and so much more!

Get creative with simple, step-by-step instructions for more than eighty celebration cake, mini-cake, cupcake, and cookie designs. Essential tips and advice are included for all skill levels, from complete beginners to the most confident of cake decorators—and you can even learn how to make Lindy Smith's signature "wonky cakes."





When my publishers asked me to write this book, I simply couldn't resist. Despite the tight deadlines for such a large book I could not refuse, for I knew this book needed to be written and I wanted to be the one to do it! My cake mission has always been to inspire others and to bring a contemporary look to sugarcraft design.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative process in putting this book together. It has been a wonderful voyage of discovery, a journey I didn't want to end. I have included many of the techniques that I frequently use on my own cakes and cookies. I have not been able to include every possible technique, but I am convinced that by using this book you will be able to create gorgeous cakes with ease.

Contemporary well-decorated cakes impress everyone – whether they are dainty cupcakes, mini-cakes or large multi-tiered creations. Cakes don't have to be complicated. Simple embossing, using cut-out shapes, moulds or stencils are quick, effective techniques that can be used to create stunning cakes. My advice is to start small – cupcakes and cookies are nowhere near as daunting as large cakes.

Ever since I started cake decorating, I have always strived to create contemporary cakes. Growing up I was encouraged, especially by my grandmother, to look around me to see what was current… to be 'on trend'! Today, I gain inspiration from what I am attracted to in the world around me. I then interpret these images in my own way into my cake designs. I am essentially an artist and my medium is sugar.

Inspiration for the designs in this book came from many sources: interior design, art nouveau stained glass, wrought-iron work, art exhibitions, bed linen, clothing fabrics, upholstery, jewellery designs and floral art. I admire the work of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, architects like Antoni Gaudi and fashion designers like Valentino. Colour is key to a contemporary look. Fashionable colours and colour combinations come and go. However, the simplest way for a cake to look modern is to use colours that you see all around you in magazines, catalogues, fabrics, fashion, window displays, stationery, bedding and so on.

Like most art forms, when you start cake decorating you learn by copying other cakes. However, as your confidence grows you will feel able to branch out with your own ideas. I am hoping that this book will enable you to do this. To make a contemporary cake today is much simpler than ever before because there is a fantastic selection of specialist equipment readily available to help you. This equipment is not essential by any means, but it does help you achieve striking results more easily.

Experiment, have fun, create something wonderful and unique. Look at the world around you for inspiration and follow the detailed techniques in this book to transfer your ideas successfully onto fabulous cakes and cookies. And do let me know how you get on via the Lindy's Cakes Facebook page or blog.

Enjoy and happy cake creating!