Farnoosh Brock was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. After leaving Iran at the age of 11 and living in Turkey for 3 years, she moved to the United States with her family. She studied electrical engineering and French at university and then entered the corporate world. In 2011, she went from electrical engineer and rising leader at a Fortune 100 to business coach, entrepreneur and CEO of her company, which she runs today with her husband, Andy Brock. In her coaching work, she shows business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders to choose serving over selling in order to build deep trust with their customers and profitable sustainable businesses for their employees and the future. In addition to her latest book, The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business (2018), she is the creator of Crack the Code to Get Promoted, an advancement leadership course for corporate professionals as well as the author of The Healthy Juicer's Bible (2013), The Healthy Smoothie Bible (2014), and The Big Book of Healing Drinks (2019). Find out more at www.farnooshbrock.com.

The Healthy Juicer's Bible by Farnoosh Brock

Whatever your fitness regimen, health goals, or daily routine, this book offers juicing recipes for every occasion.

Every fruit and vegetable you can think of pairs up in this juice bible. A passionate green juicer for over five years, author Farnoosh Brock shares her knowledge, discoveries, best tips, and lessons learned from her years of juicing. She gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can make smart and informed decisions as you learn how to heal your body and return it to harmony using healthy plants from your farmer's market, garden, or produce aisle.



  • "Anyone looking to pick up a good book on juicing would do well to check out The Healthy Juicer's Bible... Whether you like coaxing juice from kale to absorb proteins, or from blueberries to fight free radicals... you will find a recipe suited for your purpose in this fine book."

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.
~ Hippocrates

One early summer morning in 2007, America's fitness hero, the late Jack Lalanne, opened me up to the incredible world of juicing, a habit and a lifestyle that has changed my life! Something about the way he described this most natural approach to health connected with me instantly. I believe it was more than a coincidence, just like it's more than a coincidence that you have picked up this book at this point to learn about juicing.

Good things come into our lives at exactly the right time and precisely when we need them. All we have to do is listen and be open to learn and explore. I hope you do that for yourself with this book because I have a lot to tell you about juicing and how it can change not just your health but also your approach to healthy habits and similar changes in your life.

When juicing came to my life in 2007, my health and self-esteem were at an all-time low. I was trying in vain to lose this extra weight I had gained in my stressful corporate job at the time, but the weight itself is never the real problem, of course. The real problem is how it makes you feel: unattractive, undesirable, unworthy, fat and, gasp, ugly. And how we feel is the best guidance for what we need to do, and for me, it was time to take massive action.

The usual stuff was just not working anymore—the trips to the local gym, the variations of diets and eating styles and even the physical trainer that was helping me get me in shape. I was working out harder than ever but my body held on to this extra weight all the same. Something else had to intervene. Something I had never tried before. I wanted it to be a natural and fun and exciting change and that morning, I just knew juicing was the answer.

Before long, I had a masticating juicer and I was shopping for fruits and vegetables to juice, and I'll tell you, I was a little nervous. Even if I had been familiar with produce all my life, and grew up eating lots of them in Iran where fruits play a big part of the "health" culture, this juicing business required putting a vegetable through the chute of a machine called a juicer, extracting its fiber and pulp in the process and drinking what's left, the liquid juice. This was a totally different game than eating the whole fruit or vegetable and it scared me a wee bit. But curiosity had overtaken fear and hesitation and I was ready to embrace this juicing business, come what may.

My approach looked something like this. First, I juiced only fruits. I call this the safe and familiar route. Orange juice. Grapefruit juice. Orange and grapefruit juice. Apple juice. Apple and orange juice. Apple, orange and grapefruit juice. It was two weeks before I threw some celery and parsley into the mix to make a real green juice.

And here's the shock factor: It tastes great! I am still amazed at how delicious, hydrating, flavorful and appetizing a glass of juice can taste, with the right combination of fruits and vegetables. This has also become one of my golden rules: You should never drink a glass of juice that does not taste good. I will never advocate holding your nose and "chugging it down". Ever. There is no fun in that and juicing is heaps of fun—and this stuff is delicious.

After the fruits, I worked up the courage to juice carrots . . . just carrots at first. When carrot and apple juice tasted more delicious than anything my mind could prepare me for, I was ready to take things to the next level but slowly and with caution. My fears had resurfaced: What if I made something that didn't taste good? (I did many times and I still lived through it and learned a lot.) Would it ruin my juicing experience? (Ummm, no.) Would I need to return the juicer? (Nope, but I did break it a few times and they fixed it and sent it back—not the end of the world.) Heck, can I even return it? (Yes you can but you won't want to, not after learning how to juice like a pro, baby!)