Brave Wave is a music label based in Japan, dedicated to exploring the interplay between video games, music and nostalgia. The dual-natured label produces and publishes music albums, both solo and compilations, as well as compose music for videogames. It is run by Kuwait-based Mohammed Taher with co-directing from Manami Matsumae (of Mega Man) and Keiji Yamagishi (of Ninja Gaiden).

WORLD 1-2 (ft. Austin Wintory, Akira Yamaoka!) by Brave Wave

World 1-2 is an award-winning music album (available in .MP3 and lossless .FLAC formats) that features renowned game composers alongside the remixers that pay them tribute. It features original music by Grammy-nominated Austin Wintory (Journey), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden), Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Chipzel (Super Hexagon) and celebrated remixers Stemage and Danimal Cannon (Metroid Metal), Video Game Orchestra (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII), among many more. It's a 20-track album that unabashedly breaks the boundaries between composers and remixers, offering a unique blend of original creations and nostalgia-dipped remixes.


  1. Andi Bissig - Waldfest
  2. Manami Matsumae - One Shot, One Kill
  3. ABSRDST - The Cold Ruins of a Once Great City (Metroid Prime)
  4. Chipzel - Tokyo Skies
  5. Agent Whiskers - Resurgence of Hope
  6. Benjamin Briggs - Driving Upwards
  7. Marius Masalar - Maybe a Time of Miracles (Sworcery)
  8. Eirik Suhrke - Corrosion Jam (Spelunky)
  9. Keiji Yamagishi - Memories of T
  10. Danimal Cannon and Zef - Legacy
  11. halc - Blooper Reeling (Super Mario World)
  12. Akira Yamaoka - Rose Cat
  13. Jessica Curry - Twenty One (Dear Esther)
  14. Austin Wintory - Circles (feat. Tina Guo)
  15. Stemage - Mosaic (Tetris) [feat. Cory Johnson]
  16. Benjamin Briggs - Trolls! (Trolls)
  17. halc - Dubsection (Final Fantasy Tactics)
  18. Module - The Night Fighter (Street Fighter 2)
  19. Eiko Ishiwata Nichols - Miasma Rising
  20. Video Game Orchestra - Victory (Captain Tsubasa 2)


When I found out Brave Wave's 'WORLD 1-2' would be a bonus in this compilation, I jumped up and down like a crazy person. Why? Brave Wave has put together one of the best chiptune/game music compilations of all time, including the musicians for Journey, Ninja Gaiden (!) and Silent Hill jammin' it with some of the best OST remixers of all time. Spectacular. – Simon Carless



  • "'World 1-2' is an all-star collection of gaming's best musicians. It's a wide swath of what video game music has to offer, from remixes to original songs."

    Andrew Webster, The Verge
  • "Okay, I have no idea how this album is even possible. How do you get the composers of the original Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man, Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Austin Wintory (Journey) and more on a single album? Is it possible to accumulate a roster that is any more amazing?"

    Jayson Napolitana, Destructoid