Tenea D. Johnson lives near the Gulf of Mexico where she builds an arts & empowerment enterprise. Her short fiction appears in anthologies like Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, Sycorax's Daughters, and Blue and Gray: Ghost Stories from the Civil War. Her musical stories were heard at venues including The Public Theater and The Knitting Factory. Her books include Starting Friction, Smoketown, R/evolution, Evolution, Blueprints for Better Worlds, and the brand new Broken Fevers. Publisher's Weekly had this to say about her new release: "The 14 hard-hitting, memorable short stories and prose vignettes in this powerhouse collection from Johnson … are astounding in their originality." Her virtual home is teneadjohnson.com. Stop by anytime.

Frequencies: A Fiction Album by Tenea D. Johnson

Alow-level luminary of independent deep space exploration shares her life with just a few—and all of them millions of miles away, the audience of the deepcast that helps sustain her work.

Her latest discovery, stumbled upon while she's recording, lies beyond the bounds of even her extensive experience. As she tries to unravel its mystery, both the realness of reality and her grasp upon it come into question. But the allure of what she's found quickly eclipses all but her determination to find the signal's origin.

Frequencies, Fiction Album, charts new expanses. In them, space is not silent. Its stories, signals, and souls have a message for us if only we'd listen.


For your enjoyment, bringing the multi to your media. It's science fiction that you can hum. Join the deepcast and your narrator at the edges of space for her latest discovery and perhaps your own, of a fiction album. – Tenea D. Johnson



  • “The finder of lost things, the black hole hunter, the pulsar player has hooked me to their deepcast!
    I love the calm character light weeks away from anywhere, grooving to the stillness and the infinite possibilities while getting us to subscribe to the cast!
    I love the music and mystery where black holes scoop out reality, a plot sizzles!
    I love the humor and the language that builds a universe in deft strokes.
    Tenea’s got ample burn, all right! Lighting up the sky and casting a net over listeners who will definitely want to come back for more.”

    – Andrea Hairston, Otherwise and Parallax winner, author of MASTER OF POISONS
  • "A brilliant voice in science fiction, Tenea D. Johnson perfectly balances sardonic wit and vulnerability in this fascinating exploration of communication, isolation, and community."

    – Ginn Hale, author of The Long Past and Other Stories
  • "Johnson's audio work synthesizes mystery and the vast unknown of space with the intimacy of a story whispered directly in your ear. Compelling and gratifying. Listen to this story in the dark!"

    – Nicole Kimberling, Lambda Literary Award winning author