Leslie hails from the concrete and steel canyons and lush bayous of southeast Texas. She now lives in the rain-drenched Pacific Northwest with a cast of spectacular characters, including cats, harps, and fantastic pieces of art that may or may not be doorways to other timelines.

She is the author of the Faery Chronicles and Soul Forge, two complete urban fantasy series set in the same world and filled with found family and kind badasses.

Angel Hunts by Leslie Claire Walker

When a cold-blooded magical assassin finds her heart, she'll battle the forces of Heaven and Hell to protect her found family.

Night Sanchez braces for a fight when the Order of Assassins she betrayed finally tracks her down. But she could never expect a threat more dangerous than the Order to strike...

Until the Angel of Death threatens all she holds dear. To have any hope of defeating him, she must own her blood-drenched past and face the memory hidden deep within her mind. Can she unlock the secrets of her magic in time?


Leslie Claire Walker's Angel Hunts takes us to a world of angels, assassins, and magic. The Order of Assassins Night Sanchez betrayed finally tracks her down. But there's something even more dangerous she must fight...if she can own her blood-drenched past and face the memory hidden deep within her mind. – Jamie Ferguson



  • "Angels, assassins, and magic - oh my! "… a kick-ass start to The Awakened Magic Saga. The strong cast of tough, diverse characters discover unexpected connections and entanglements, often buried under layers of deceit and betrayal. Rough, gritty, and so much fun!"

    – Jack, Amazon.com review
  • "This is great! Leslie always writes a good story, but I particularly like this character and this world. It's fast-paced, compelling, and most importantly: it makes me want to read the next book. The main character is a tough, highly-trained, and dangerous woman without being an urban fantasy cliché. She's got a good supporting cast of characters. There's an intriguing big bad. It's dark but not too broody. I want the next one!"

    – CJG, Amazon.com review



The air felt thick—almost too thick to breathe.

The woman who'd walked through the door stopped ten feet from me, a signal she intended to talk rather than attack. Really, it was unnecessary. If she'd meant to harm me, I'd never have seen or heard her coming.

She pushed back the hood of her black rain slicker. Her blond curls had grown all the way to her shoulders since the last time I'd run my fingers through them. The only makeup she wore on her porcelain face was a pale pink flush of lipstick; her dark blue eyes were sharp on me.

Sunday Sloan. Once upon a time, my salvation.

The halo around her body held a tint of rose red, life force flavored with a strong, blinding passion that she harnessed in everything she did, including her kills.

One look in the eyes of her victims, and she could literally blind them if she chose. She had a touch of the traditional psychic as well, not enough to actually see the future, but enough to guess what might happen that would affect her most and allow her to act accordingly.

The same magical gifts infiltrated her personal relationships. Her faults became hard to see. And once she made up her mind about a cause or a person, she gave them her unconditional, undying—blind—loyalty. I'd been on the receiving end of that loyalty. I'd thrown it away when I'd left the Order without saying goodbye.

Sunday Sloan was the Order's MVP. Or MVO—most valuable operative.

If she was here, I was in deep trouble.