Tao Wong is a Canadian self-published author who writes mostly in the science fiction and fantasy realms; specifically LitRPG and xianxia. Tao worked as a Marketing Manager for multiple international and ecommerce businesse before he launched and operated one of the largest online game stores in Canada. He has a BA in Business and Accounting and an MSc in Marketing, all of which he utilised to write his book, Marketing Strategy for Authors.

He's been a full-time author since 2019 and is a member of SF Canada, the SFWA, NINC and ALLI.

A Gamer's Wish by Tao Wong

A Magic Ring, an unsuspecting mundane and a hidden world. What could go wrong?

Henry Tsien has been living the quiet life of a mundane mortal until he stumbles upon a magical ring. Within, an ancient jinn resides, willing to grant him his deepest desires. Faced with gaining his greatest desires, Henry wishes for magic.

Granted magic and magical knowledge in increments, Henry stumbles into a world of adventure and a hidden magical world that is more banal and wondrous than he could ever imagine.

A Gamer's Wish is book 1 of the GameLit fantasy trilogy Hidden Wishes. With game-like elements, incredible magic, a beautiful game-addicted Jinn as a companion, and shadowy supernatural organizations, this story is the adventure you've been waiting for. No romance or harems involved.


In A Gamer's Wish, by Tao Wong, Henry Tsien has been living the quiet life of a mundane mortal until he stumbles upon a magical ring which contains an ancient jinn resides. Henry wishes for magic, and stumbles into a world of adventure and a hidden magical world that is more banal and wondrous than he could ever imagine. – Jamie Ferguson



  • "A new and novel approach to introducing the audience and protagonist to the world of magic and fantasy. Really enjoyed the book."

    – Tymbr
  • "This is a fun, one-of-kind story. It takes elements of RPG games and wraps them around a delightful story of magic in the modern world. It is not all fun and games, which makes it all the more believable."

    – Erin E. Wolf
  • "As someone who enjoys playing the occasional game I loved the premise of this book from the moment I read the blurb. And the book itself did not disappoint in any way at all. It was such a cleverly written book that had me hanging off every word. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I loved Henry's character and really found myself wishing him to do well."

    – Kerry Baker



"Are you done yet?" the blond woman, who had formed in my apartment from smoke, asked me. Clad in a pink bra, tiny vest, and billowy sheer pants, she reminded me of an actress from an old, cheesy TV show, almost uncannily so. Seriously, the blond genie that stood in front of me with her sardonic smile would have sent copyright lawyers salivating at the fees they'd earn. If they could have seen her. And if she hadn't wished them away.

"You… you're a genie! But that was a ring, not a lamp!" I spluttered, the ring that the smoke had streamed from still clutched in my hand in a death grip.

"Jinn! And yes, I am. What may I do for you, Master?" the genie said. Turning her head, she looked around my bachelor suite with a flicker of distaste. "Maybe a bigger residence?"

"You're a genie…" I stared at the blonde, my mind caught in a circular trap as it struggled with the insanity in front of it. After all, genies didn't exist. But there, in front of me, was a genie.

"Oh, hell. I really can't wait for this entire 'enlightenment' period to be over," the genie said with a roll of her eyes after I just continued to stare at her blankly. She turned away from me and walked around the room before she stopped at my micro-kitchen to open the fridge. Bent over, she fished inside before extracting day-old fried rice and popping a bite into her mouth. A conjured spoon later, she was digging into last night's dinner and prodding my stove, flat-screen TV, and laptop. "What is this?"

"Fried rice."

"I know what fried rice is. And this isn't bad," she complimented me, ignoring my mumbled thanks while she pointed at the TV screen and then laptop. "This. And this."

"TV and laptop."

"Huh." She returned to the TV before she prodded at it a few more times and inevitably adjusted its angle. "That's amazing. I guess your science actually does have some use. Well, outside of indoor plumbing. That isn't as good."

My brain finally stopped going in circles after I decided to stop trying to actually understand what was going on. If I had a genie in my house, I had a genie. "So, your name isn't Jeannie, is it?"

"Do I look like a Jeannie to you?"


"The Seven Seals!" The genie flickered, and the previously blonde creature transformed into a black-haired, hawk-nosed Middle-Eastern woman…with considerably less clothing than before, which should have been a challenge. "Call me Lily. What's yours?"


"Aaargh!" Lily stared at her clothing and then stared at me for a moment. A second later, she was clad in a T-shirt that said "I Aim to Misbehave" and a pair of jeans. I would admit I found the new clothing options even more distracting, especially since they were an exact replica of what I was wearing.

"I'm Henry. And what was that about?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all," Lily snapped at me and waved her spoon at my laptop. "What is a 'laptop'?"

"A portable computer," I explained.