Jamie focuses on getting into the minds and hearts of her characters, whether she's writing about a saloon girl in the American West, a man who discovers the barista he's in love with is a naiad, or a ghost who haunts the house she was killed in—even though that house no longer exists. Jamie lives in Colorado, and spends her free time in a futile quest to wear out her two border collies since she hasn't given in and gotten them their own herd of sheep.

Rosemary for Reversal by Jamie Ferguson

It's never too late to discover your magic.

Boulder, Colorado, has everything from amazing restaurants to street performers to gluten-free, well, everything. But there's one thing it doesn't have: an apothecary like mine.

The Rocky Mountain Sunshine Apothecary (whew! that's a mouthful!) has everything from Astragalus to Zedoary and is nestled next to Pearl Street. Lots of foot traffic. It used to be a general store, and it still has the mahogany wood counter, which I have spent days sanding and polishing until it glows.

Besides herbs, recipes, tinctures, soaps, essential oils, bath salts, potpourri, candles, books on herbalism, comfy chairs, and more shelves than a library, the Rocky Mountain Sunshine Apothecary has me, Laney Gibson. I woke up one morning and said, "I don't like my life anymore."

And I decided to do something about it.

One divorce, new house, and job change later, here I am, right before opening day, with ten thousand more things to do, two employees who already had vacations scheduled the week before opening day, a weird compulsion to introduce people to each other when I know the perfect person for them to meet, and a cousin named Shannon who desperately needs to stay at my house for the week but won't tell me what's going on, other than that she wants to visit—after not really speaking to me for, oh, twenty years.

To make things even worse, I think my cat Albert likes her better than he likes me.


…she thinks I'm a witch.

I mean, she's probably wrong. But don't let that stop you! I'm sure it's perfectly safe and my shop is super-easy to find.

Just look for the big honeylocust next to the side street off Pearl, and stop by today!


In Rosemary for Reversal, by Jamie Ferguson, forty-one-year-old Laney Gibson has a special talent: she knows when to introduce people to each other. She's kept this a secret her entire life, and is happily focused on getting ready to open the herbal apothecary in Boulder, Colorado that she's dreamed about since she was a kid. But when her cousin Shannon shows up for a short visit and announces that Laney is a witch, things start getting complicated... – Jamie Ferguson