Adam Gaffen is the author of the near-future science fiction series The Cassidy Chronicles. Five volumes have been published to date, with additional stories appearing in anthologies and on Kindle Vella. A sideways prequel, Memories of Aiyana, was recently released by one of his main characters and he's not sure how he feels about that.

He lives in Colorado with his wife, five dogs, and five cats and wonders where all the time goes.

The Cassidy Chronicles by Adam Gaffen

Dragon Award Nominee 2020, Page Turner Finalist 2020, Amazon Top 5, Hard SF December 2020

In the year 2113, it's a post-modern America. The country has shattered into a dozen squabbling nations and the Inner System is being colonized. Technologic wonders abound.

Yet, it's not unlike our own time. People meet, fall in love, face assassination at their wedding - well, perhaps it's a bit different.

Meet Aiyana and Kendra, Cass and Ken to their friends: a genius physicist on the cusp of a discovery which could revolutionize the world, and a retired movie star with a mysterious past. They live quietly, get along with their neighbors, don't have problems at work. So why did they have to run for their lives from their wedding?

Their quest for answers will carry them from one side of the continent to the other. Along the way they'll encounter new perils, create new friendships, confront ugly truths about their past, and, on the edge of triumph, discover a shocking betrayal. It is a ride you cannot miss!



  • "The writer keeps the action going as the women move from one event to the other. There are many supporting characters adding exciting dimensions to the narrative and the principals prove to be decisive, bright, and resourceful. The new America readers find superimposed on the world created by the writer is disturbing yet interesting, contributing to the adventure. I'm looking forward to discovering what happens."

    – Reader review
  • "As a whole series this is just amazing, so much character, humour and personality that is shown with each character. The action is pumping and the adventure got me wondering what else is there! For someone that is getting back into reading, and I have a very short attention span, this book had me hooked all the way."

    – Reader review
  • "This is an amazing story. Full of action, a smattering of romance and some brilliant movie and tv references. Definitely worth five stars!"

    – Reader review



Chapter 1: The Wedding

Her wedding day was perfect.

The late summer day was warm and bright that afternoon. It should have been; they'd paid enough to Weather Control to get it just the way they wanted.

Guests had been gathering for hours; their families and friends, enjoying the pre-wedding party, trading stories until the minister had gently shooed them outside. The ritual Exchange of the Prenups had been done, duly witnessed and countersigned. Then it was her time.

In later years, she never remembered the wait, or the walk to the altar. To her, it always seemed instantaneous, a jump from the interior of the hall into the sunshine, standing with her bouquet in hand.

Other details, she would always remember. Her maid of honor's dress kept slipping, and she was constantly readjusting it, fiddling with the strap and supports as unobtrusively as possible. The old-fashioned tuxedo her groom wore, complete with vest, tails dangling behind. Her mother's quiet pride. Her father's attempts, ultimately futile, to hold back tears. The only intrusion of the outside world was the bright flare of the launch, distant and silent, of the latest shipment of supplies for the construction yards high in orbit. There was even comic relief, a squirrel perched in a tree, watching the proceedings and chittering his protests at the unwarranted intrusion into his space.

At last, everyone was in their place. The day, the hour, was at hand.

When the minister lifted his hand from beneath his tunic and showed the flechette gun, she grabbed her bride and groom's hands and ran like hell.