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The Black Book of Animal Crossing New Horizons: Second Edition by John Harris

Now updated for version 2.0, the Black Book of Animal Crossing New Horizons contains many secrets and strategies unavailable or difficult to find elsewhere! Here you can learn:

How to make a fortune avoiding turnips entirely!

How Timmy and Tommy price DIY items!

Details on visitors to The Roost!

What amiibos can bring to your game!

The secret song Gyroids can hear but you can't!

Strategies on filling out your museum collections!

And many more things!


John's first edition of his Black Book was one of the most, if not the most thorough guide on one of the Nintendo Switch's biggest releases. The second edition is even more comprehensive, weaving in information from game updates—including the massive 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise DLC—that have been released since the original book's publication. If you want to get the most out of New Horizons, you'll want this book as your companion. – David L. Craddock




On Rollover:

"Every morning at 5 AM, the game performs what I call rollover. In the game's code, it appears to be called "GrowUp," but I'm sticking with rollover. If you're playing the game on your island at that time (unless you are in a building, on a different island, or in a menu), the screen will iris out and you'll be presented with Isabelle's daily news broadcast. (What TV program will she tell us about this time?) After that, wherever you were beforehand, you'll emerge from the front door of your house."

On Katrina:

"As promised, here is the section on Katrina's predictions. There are two types, having to do with luck and friendship. You can get either one, the other, both, or neither on each day. Each costs 1,000 bells. As mentioned earlier, these aren't actually predictions, per se, because if you don't pay for one, the effects don't happen. It's Katrina's prediction that causes the predicted results, good or bad, to occur. So, huh."