Hey, I am Fable Siegel and I'm the creator of Umbagog.

I was born in New Hampshire and thought it would be fun to make a comic set there.

The characters you read about are inspired by people I know and things I care about.

Currently I'm living in Los Angeles. I migrate between different animation studios and freelance between gigs. Since 2020 I have been working as the director of the Lackadaisy Animated short.

Umbagog by Fable Siegel


A brain parasite is killing–and then reviving–mammalia. Called Wendigo after the Algonquin legend, its infamous impact spawned many a zombie movie and book. And just like in stories, now there's an epidemic.

Four survivors live this "new world order". Figuring out what it means when the psyche bears a physical mark. Hiding the indelible scars of their experiences. And keeping fresh wounds at bay.

But zombies have the courtesy of looking the part. The same can't be said for other monsters…

Exclusive to this bundle, Umbagog Chapter 1: Kate and Chapter 2: John have been combined into a single edition.


The brainchild of Fable Siegel, Umbagog is the entry to this bundle that I was most familiar with when I started assembling the lineup. Set in our world during the early stages of societal collapse at the claws of a novel take on the living dead, what I find most striking about Umbagog is the rich, gritty portrayal of the reaction of both the wider world and the key characters to the horrifying changes to their lives and communities caused by this terrible plague. – Joseph R. Lallo