New York Times Bestselling Author Todd J. McCaffrey — "A Modern Master Of The Craft" — has over three million words in print in over fifty books including eight in the classic Dragonriders of Pern® series, six in the Epic Space Opera Canaris Rift series, three in the Steam World series, and eight in the Middle Grade LA Witch series..

He grew up in science fiction and fantasy, earning his first typewriter when he was twelve. He holds degrees in art and engineering, is a licensed pilot, and an Army veteran.

The Jupiter Game by Todd McCaffrey

First Contact. Aliens have reached out.

Their ship appeared in orbit around Jupiter just after the first fusion-powered ship arrived from Earth.

But... Why Jupiter? Why Now

They say they want to trade. That we have achieved faster-than-light travel.

Only... We haven't. So what gives?

If you love aliens, spaceships, and a bit of humor, you'll love The Jupiter Game because it has it all!

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  • “THE JUPITER GAME is a riveting tale of physical as well as intellectual adventure, that takes readers from the edge of our solar system to the depths of the human heart and then to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.” – D.J. Butler, author of WITCHY EYE
  • "The Jupiter Game starts at a gallop and then picks up speed, as Todd McCaffrey further enhances the family name."

    – Mike Resnick, Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author
  • "I accidentally discovered this novel and found it to be engaging and captivating. In a word, it's a spellbinder. It is my considered opinion this is better Star Trek."

    – Amazon customer review



The Eurocos Spaceship Harmonie, near Jupiter

Nikolai Anatoly Zhukov rapped the side of his empty water glass with his spoon. Silence overcame the assembled mess on the third tap. He rose with brisk, ordered movements. His blue eyes possessed a menace that was, in this instance, feigned, but nonetheless daunting. He held the silence until it seemed the tension was unbearable.

"History," he intoned in flawless French, "is no somber matter."

Unobtrusively, he flicked open his left hand. At that signal, the doors to the kitchen beyond burst open. Cooks' helpers, grinning ear to ear, raced to dispense vodka, cognac, champagne, and schnapps to the amazed crew.

"It is a drinking matter!" Smiles of relief were exchanged and glasses charged. "Mesdames et messieurs, Jupiter!"

Nikolai executed a precise turn to face the wallscreen displaying a view of the giant planet as seen from the command section of the ship, raised his glass, and tossed back his drink.

"Jupiter!" the crew chorused.

Zhukov turned to face them, beaming from ear to ear. The moment he did, the screen behind him dimmed, the room darkened, and the faces peering beyond him twisted with fear.

"Merde alors!" Karl Geister, his German first officer, exclaimed, pointing.

"Gott im Himmel!" his French first officer, Elodie Reynaud, agreed in counterpoint.

"What the bloody hell's that?" Peter Murray, the eccentric Englishman, demanded in his own tongue.

Nikolai allowed his eyes to follow the Englishman's bony arm to the object on the screen and felt his face drain of blood. He was at the wall intercom an instant before the ship's klaxon sounded.

"Red alert! Red alert!"