R.L. Stine is the creator of the bestselling Goosebumps series, which has more than 400 million copies in print worldwide and celebrated 25 years in 2017. Goosebumps is one of the bestselling children's series of all-time and inspired a popular television show, as well as a feature film starring Jack Black that opened at #1 at the box office. His other popular children's books include the series Fear Street, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room, and Rotten School, and his picture books, with Marc Brown, The Little Shop of Monsters and Mary McScary. R.L. Stine lives in New York City. You can connect with him on Twitter at @RL_Stine or Facebook: facebook.com/rlstine. For more information, visit rlstine.com and scholastic.com/goosebumps.

Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum by R.L. Stine

Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum: Choose your fate on a terrifying class trip in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with more than twenty super-spooky endings.

Your teacher thinks it'll be good for your class to hang out at the new wax museum in town. Yeah, right! Once you get there your teacher starts blah-blahing about something or other and that's when you and your friend see the red door.

If you decide to check out what's behind door #1, you'll discover the museum owner's secret for making lifelike sculptures. And it doesn't look like fun! If you decide to ditch the red door and go the other way, you'll end up meeting scary Sybil Wicked—and wish you hadn't. Will you escape this creepy place before you're turned into a human candle? The choice is yours . . .Reader beware—you choose the scare! GIVE YOURSELF GOOSEBUMPS!




"Cool!" you exclaim to your best friends, Liz and Jake. "The field trip to the Wicked Wax Museum is today. I can't believe our class gets to see it the day before the grand opening."

"Finally, Mr. Dunning's History class won't be such a bore," Jake adds, flipping his black baseball cap around backward. "Mr. Dunning. More like Mr. Dull!"

"You said it," Liz giggles. Her red curls bounce when she laughs. "Hey, why is it called the Wicked Wax Museum, anyway?"

"That's the name of the guy who owns it," Jake explains. "Dr. Izzy Wicked. He made all the wax figures."

"Well, according to Mr. Dull," Liz adds, "the museum is supposed to bring history to life for us, or something like that."

"Yeah, right." Jake smirks. "And maybe the wax figures will come to life, too."

"Oh, gross!" Liz cries. "You're giving me the creeps, Jake."

"Come on, you two," you say. "The bus is here. Let's be first in line so we can grab the backseats."