Jerry Carpenter has been coding and making art for games for a very long time now. He still holds down a full-time job making brower-based sports titles and is the curator of the GameToilet blog in his spare time.

Jerry lives in London with his wife and two boys, one of whom came up with the last 3 ideas in the 'Original IP' section on the walk to school.

Game Toilet Vol. 1 - 2007-2014 by Jerry Carpenter

GameToilet is a ramshake collection of unrealised game concepts sketched up daily on the Number 63 London bus and filed away on the internet since 2007.

This book collects the hundred most notable for the benefit of future game designers who require inspiration or just for people who like pictures of dolphins and butlers.


A world exclusive for this StoryBundle, the full-length digital version of the recently Kickstarter-ed Kb's Game Toilet book is a delight, if you love witty cartoon goofs on wacky game concepts. Cleaned up and enhanced for the eBook version, even if you saw some of these hilarious concepts on or Kb's own blog, you'll fall hard for 'The Sniper Scope Of Laura Mars', 'Dude, Where's My Sandcrawler?', and so many more. – Simon Carless



  • "Hundreds of people send me game ideas every year. So far, Jerry is the only one who's made me cry from laughing so hard."

    – Chief Fox David Hayward at Feral Vector
  • ...occasionally topical, sometimes profane, but always incredibly funny and too-clever by half...

    – Mr. Brandon Boyer of Austin, Texas
  • "Lo m·s importante, es vais a echar unas buenas risas y a pensar, quÈ narices, que elvideojuego serÌa m·s divertido si tuvieramos a unos cuantos Jerry Carpenter de m·s y unos cuantos shooters en primera persona de menos."

    – Jaume Esteve at IGN