Kish Knight is a paranormal urban fantasy author, specifically focusing on new adult and young adult novels. A Caribbean girl forever, she was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. Always seeking out the supernatural, she once resided in the USA, specifically Georgia, Maryland, and DC, but finally settled back in the islands. Wherever she goes, though, she is on the lookout for fresh ghosts, ghouls, old-world charm, and city spooks.

Her forever goal is to create fun, escapist novels with characters of color or otherwise.

When not at her desk, she's most likely to be found spending quality time with her hubby & daughter, romping with her 2 dogs, or plotting out ways to take over the world (or at least the book market). Her current round of busywork always involves developing design documents for her latest book projects. She is also the author of the following projects: Branded, Demon Alicha, Fellowship of the Last Fallen, A Drop of Ink and Obsidian, Fire and Ice, the Returned urban fantasy series, and the Senior Year young adult contemporary duology. She is also the author of a contemporary middle grade novel, Our Crew PLUS boys! (under the pen name Cher Cabal).

Fury Rising by Kish Knight

Plan A?

Free herself from serving her demon, finish college, and then get the hell out of Dodge. You see, it wasn't Alicha's fault that her life was on borrowed time, since her mother had saved her life as a child by turning to one of the Dark Princes. So escaping that life was Alicha's plan until her master sends her out on a Dream-Walk that lands her dead-center in the middle of an immortal


Scratch Plan A, and Plan B too….

New plan, C? Gather her team, seize one of the Dark Kingdoms, rise to power in the immortal world and….. and maybe she can be left the hell alone for once. Once she has enough dark power, she can make herself fully human again. Only….She didn't expect to find Hunters living in her town, Hunters who existed solely to eradicate any and all dark forces, no exceptions made. A cruel twist of fate then, to find herself falling deeply in love with one of these Hunters. Can Alicha rise in the ranks in time to regain her humanity before her lover is forced to slaughter her next?


Alicha didn't ask her mother to sell her soul to a demon, but now she'll do everything she can to free herself from the clutches of her Dark Prince, rise to the top of the immortal world, and maybe, just maybe, pass her college exams in this new adult urban fantasy novel. – Zelda Knight



  • "I started reading this book because the description drew me in. LOVED it! Its a different storyline than I've ever read, where the 'bad guys' are the main characters...."

    – Reader review
  • "Strong story that held me all the way till the last page. The title grabbed me and peaked my interest. This author is definitely on to great things"

    – Reader review
  • "I cannot wait to read book number two in this wonderful series. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about fantasy and paranormal romances."

    – Reader review



"You have work," he informed her, his black eyes gleaming unnaturally. "I need you to Walk. Right now."

Annoyance shot through Alicha's brain, and she struggled to yank it back before Tevit could pick up on the emotion. Given her current condition, it would be silly to piss him off any further. When she felt that she could respond in a calm voice, Alicha said, "But Tevit, I just Walked last night."

One eyebrow rose on the demon's face. "So?"

"Usually we get more time than just one night to rest after a Walk." Alicha saw the terse headshake and the disapproving look that Ronell was shooting her, but she ignored her partner. What Tevit was trying to do to her wasn't right and was completely unfair. "Besides, this is unscheduled. I wasn't informed about this Walk at the end of my last session. Plus, it's daytime right now."

A Dream-Walker was usually told about their next assignment during the debriefing of the previous mission. Alicha hadn't been told anything about this new mission that Tevit was sending her on. 'Of course, I haven't actually done the debriefing as yet, which is what started all of this, but still. It's the principle of the thing.' Instantly, she grew suspicious. Something was up.

Though the scent of her own burnt skin hung in the air, Alicha couldn't help but ask, "Why, Tevit? What's so important about this Walk?" Then she flinched, waiting for the anger.

Luckily for her, her master did not get angry. Instead Tevit simply looked intrigued. As smooth as ever, he strolled toward her. When he was mere inches away from her, he stopped and raised one hand as if to touch her. His palm stopped short, hovering slightly over her arm, the heat from his own skin singeing her arm hairs.

For a few heart-stopping moments, he remained there, playing havoc with her nerves. Then he said, "There's nothing special about this particular Walk. It needs to be done, and I needed a Walker to do it. But….there is something special about you," he said menacingly, voice dropping to a hiss. "Your power has suddenly increased, Alicha. Why is that? What have you done?" His black eyes bore into her.

Alicha froze as she realized that his motionless hand had actually been probing her Inner, searching.

Shrugging, she gave a tiny wince as pain from her injuries surged through her. "Me? I haven't done anything."

Tevit's face was a few inches away from her own. The obsidian eyes studied her, as if trying to probe her mind as well. Alicha wasn't really sure exactly how much Tevit could pick up from her brain, but she knew that he had the ability to delve into his Walkers' minds, at least partially.

At the moment, he didn't seem to know that she hadn't drunk her meds this morning, and if Alicha was being honest with herself, it was actually the second day in a row. She hadn't drunk the meds yesterday either. Being busy preparing for her thesis presentation had left her overwhelmed and forgetful. So basically, it was two days since she'd had any of the meds in her system.

'Is that what he's sensing? 'Cause it's the only thing that's changed.'

The heat over her skin slid away as the Hell prince took a step back. "Then Alicha, if you don't know why you suddenly increased in power, we need to test your power out. Doing two Walks back-to-back should be no problem for you, given your newfound strength."

He grinned at her suddenly, something that set Alicha's teeth on edge. "Go."

Ronell was suddenly at Alicha's side, helping her to stand and walk out of the room.

Once they were out of the room, Ronell glared at her, colorless eyes like icy daggers. "Why the hell do you piss him off like that?"

Not wanting to hear another lecture from her partner, Alicha only rolled her eyes as they walked. "Someone has to," she mumbled under her breath. Clearing her throat, she spoke in a loud, clear voice. "I'm ready."

They had arrived at the small, empty room that was typically used to start a Dream-Walk. 'Dunno whose head I'm jumping into, either. Just great,' she thought sarcastically.

Without any warning, Ronell's power slammed into Alicha, rolling over her body in a wave. Then came the blackness, and the familiar, but always-odd sensation of dissolving and re-forming. The sense of nothingness and everything again.

A final wave of the transport magic rolled over her, signaling that she had arrived.