Liz Bullard is a passionate author and podcast host, whose love of reading has propelled her into the world of writing. Committed to creating vibrant communities, she can be found planting seedlings in local gardens or connecting with other authors on her popular eReads Podcast. When she's not working hard, Liz enjoys cooking with her corgi Preston by her side and curling up with a good book. With a flair for storytelling and an enthusiasm for learning, Liz is always looking forward to her next creative endeavor. In addition to being a self-published author, Liz is also signed to Tabletop Publishing who is publishing her first children's book.

Prophecy Trilogy: New Moon by Liz Bullard

In "New Moon," the battle between fate and the unseen unfolds in a land of elemental magic, where disobedience can lead to death. Eli, a Zodian warrior, struggles to recover what was lost on the battlefield, while Talia, a fierce water warrioress, grapples with her role as a wife and mother, unable to mend her broken marriage.

Eli is sent on an impossible mission to seek out the Chosen One, Tabatha, a task that no one has ever returned from. His loyalty and obedience are put to the test as he faces a darkness that only the Chosen One can defeat.

As Tabatha is thrust into the spotlight as the Chosen One, she must navigate her newfound power and the weight of destiny on her shoulders. With the fate of the land hanging in the balance, will she answer the call and rise to the challenge, or will she succumb to the shadows?

"New Moon" is a gripping tale of love, torment, and loss that explores the power of destiny and the lengths one will go to fulfill their duty. Fans of high-stakes fantasy and epic battles won't want to miss this thrilling adventure.


Love, torment, and destiny converge in this enchanting adventure with Eli, a Zodian warrior, Talia, a fierce warrioress with an affinity for water, and Tabatha, the Chosen One. – Zelda Knight



  • "This book was excellent. The writing transported me to another world while yet making me feel so much of myself in Tabatha. Can't wait for the next installment!"

    – Goodreads Review



The blood-soaked earth groans for peace, and the ground shakes from warriors immersed in battle. The land, usually painted with the smell of coastal air and lavender fields, is covered with the haze of smoke as fire elementals set fields ablaze, burning the opposing side. To the sky are two suns. One that rises and falls signaling day, another that burns red like the blood of the fields. It is the Crimson Sun that signals an epic battle more fierce than this will soon begin.

Beating war drums and battle cries remind warriors and villagers of failed peace talks between the Elders of Zodia and the Ox Nation. After months of keeping Ox Nation to the fields, the front lines are now visible from the Elders' perch. Their villa, a sanctuary built inside a towering oak tree, cast their gaze far and wide. Their dwelling place holds the four who make up the council of Elders and their ruling sage, Onmai.

Protected from the front lines, the Elders debate strategy and safety as Onmai's wise eyes assess the casualties lost and projected lives yet to lose.

An Elder, tall and weary, conceals the shadows under his eyes with his darkened veil, speaks. "Debating is futile. We hear the war drums. Leaving is our utmost priority."

"We have more warriors to send. We will not abandon our home," cries a frail Elder hunched on his cane.

"If we are to move those in the village safely, we will need those warriors," speaks a woman no older than the veil-wearing Elder.

"Where would we go, Navi? Ox Nation seeks to take control of all our lands. Do you think they will not hunt us?" Snips a pixie-looking woman edging closer to Navi.

"If you are so ready to defend our land, Aster, run down to the front lines. Our warriors' lives are blown away as easily as a flame in a windstorm. Our options are few." Navi shoots back.

The two women are upon each other enough to feel the heat leave their bodies.

"Enough, Navi is right. Our warriors are dying, which means we are losing. Ox Nation is far more ruthless and boarish. Slipping away now will save our people. We can repopulate and rebuild from the youth and childbearing that remain."

"Do you hear yourself, Gaia," sneers the frail Elder hobbling closer. "We will not repopulate our people like they are cattle."

"What is the matter, Fin? Afraid you won't be used for that task?" Gaia sneers.

The four Elders' voices raise, their noise, like the war drums, clouds Onmai's thoughts. Shifting her focus from the maps and reports to that of the feuding counsel, she speaks in a tone that silences the room.

"Quiet. I will not have war within my counsel and on the fields."

Murmured apologies leave the Elders' lips as they turn their attention to the maps and strategies. They discuss reports presented by the generals on the field, searching for paths and finding no answers.

Sage Onmai runs her hands over her skin, a shade of brown reminiscent of the afterglow of a dawn sky. Her fingers press down on her cheekbones, smoothening her deepening wrinkles and throbbing bones.

"Elder Onmai!" Roars a scout, seeking her attention.

"Here, child. Speak. What is the condition on the battlefield?"