Yasmine Galenorn, New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author, has over 100 books on the shelves. She writes paranormal women's fiction, urban fantasy, romantasy, paranormal mysteries, paranormal romance, and a mix of all of these. Her series include: the Starlight Hollow Series, the Moonshadow Bay Series, the Wild Hunt Series, the Chintz 'n China Series, the Bewitching Bedlam Series, the Fury Unbound Series, the Otherworld Series, and a number of others, as well as metaphysical nonfiction books. Yasmine wrote for traditional publishers for twenty years, up until 2016, when she moved into being an indie author to give herself more freedom.

The Silver Stag by Yasmine Galenorn

Life isn't easy when you bear the mark of the Silver Stag.

Caught between the worlds of Light and Dark Fae, Ember Kearney was born with the mark of the Silver Stag. Rejected by both her bloodlines, she's turned her back on her people to become a freelance investigator, hiring herself to take care of common problems like hen-stealing goblins.

When Ember's best friend asks for her help, it leads them both into a glittering world of conspiracy and danger. Angel's little brother has vanished, and Ember must race against time to save his life. But when Ember discovers what's happened to DJ, both she and Angel find themselves recruited into Herne the Hunter's elite squad of bounty hunters—the Wild Hunt, a divine organization. Now, Ember must not only face her heritage, but she's bound to preserve the balance between the Fae Courts, for if order isn't maintained, war and chaos will spill out into the mortal realm.


I've had the pleasure of working with Yasmine on a number of projects and was delighted when she agreed to be part of this Storybundle. Yasmine draws deeply on Celtic lore and myth in this first novel of her immersive and magical series, The Wild Hunt.

(Fun fact – we share the same quirky alma mater!) – Anthea Sharp



  • "Galenorn does such a great job creating fascinating worlds that are dangerous and compelling. This book is a terrific set up for a series that promises to be exciting and unforgettable."

    – Jill Smith, Romantic Times reviewer
  • "The Silver Stag was an interesting and intense read, in the best of ways. This storyline is awesome and the characters are strong and have so much personality. I can not wait to read more."

    – Jennifer D.
  • "Yasmine Galenorn has done it again. She has a winner on her hands…From the first page to the last I was intrigued with how well the story flowed and how the characters worked together."

    – Jill D.



He nodded, shaking as he threw himself into my arms. "I think so. They were going to kill me." He looked around. "Where's the other one?"

I shook my head. "I don't know, but we have to get out of here before he comes back." I was covered with blood, but I pulled him into my arms and held him as he leaned against my shoulder, trembling. "That's why I'm here, DJ. I came to find you."

By now, it was growing darker in the ravine. Sunset wouldn't be for an hour or so, but down here, at the bottom, it was already nearly dark. We had to find our way out, now, before Sasha returned. It would take me a while to work my way back up the hillside, especially carrying a cold and scared boy, and then we had to get back to my car. And that was assuming there was no one else out here to stand in our way.

At that moment, the stag stepped forward. In the growing darkness the silver glow surrounding him flared. He looked like a massive red stag, the kind commonly found in Europe, but his fur was white, tinged with silver, and he had an otherworldly feel to him.

"Thank you," I said, sensing that he could probably understand me.

The stag nodded, and knelt on his front legs. He seemed to be waiting for me to do something.

"I think he wants us to ride on his back," DJ said, glancing over at the deer.

"You think so?" I looked at the stag again. "Is he right? Do you want us to get on your back?"

Again, a nod.

I grabbed DJ's hand and we headed over to the massive animal. He had to stand at least five feet tall at the shoulder. All I knew was that this was no regular deer. There was something magical about the stag and right now, considering he had helped us, I was willing to trust him.

I swung DJ up on his back, then scrambled on, holding DJ back against me. There were no reins, but as the stag began to stand, I motioned for DJ to lean forward and I leaned over him, doing my best to hold onto the deer's sides.

The next moment we were off, racing through the forest, heading up the slope of the ravine. We were flying along, so fast that I was terrified we were going to fall off, but somehow we managed to keep our balance as the stag nimbly wove in and out through the trees. Everything was a blur, the trees and undergrowth blending together into a trail of motion behind us.

I began to feel queasy, not so much from the movement but because everything around us seemed hazy, and only DJ, the stag, and I felt real. And then, as quickly as we had taken off, we came to a halt at the edge of the road. I realized we were near my car. The stag knelt again, and DJ and I slid off. I wanted to know so many things, but before I could open my mouth to say thanks, the stag turned and vanished back into the forest.

"Come on, get in the car." Dazed, feeling almost numb, I hustled DJ into my car and quickly started the ignition. I wanted out of here before anybody found those bodies, because there was no way in the world I could prove myself against the Light Fae Court if they decided to push matters. Yes, I had been defending myself and DJ, but Névé always got her way.

As we headed out of the park, my thoughts were a million miles away, still at the bottom of the ravine with the two dead Fae, the one still alive, and the silver stag.