Blackcross #2 by Warren Ellis and Colton Worley

In the quiet Pacific Northwestern town of Blackcross, something terrible is happening. A man has burned himself to death by the lake, but there's no body. A man under witness protection is under threat. A serial killer is murdering his way towards the town limits. And supernatural figures stare out through mirrors and windows, haunting their own doppelgangers. The alternative history of Blackcross is reaching out through the mist to lay its claws on the real world.



  • "Project Superpowers: Blackcross #2 isn't a superhero comic - at least not yet. Warren Ellis, Colton Worley, and Morgan Hickman have taken the tried and true concept of Project Superpowers and molded it into something aimed at today's comic reading populace."

  • "…Grab this from the comic shelf, all signs point to it being one hell of a story."

  • "Loving this comic. Pick it up now."