Benjamin Anderson is a game developer and teacher. He started using GameMaker at the age of 15. He immediately fell in love with game development and GameMaker as a tool. He spent every spare hour learning how to program and make games. Now he teaches GameMaker full time via YouTube, his GameMaker Book, and Udemy. He has over 50k subscribers on YouTube and 20k students on Udemy. He loves teaching other people how to make games and doesn't ever plan on stopping.

GameMaker Language by Benjamin Anderson

GameMaker Language: An In-Depth Guide is designed to build your confidence as a GameMaker Language (GML) programmer. The main focus of the book is the scripting language inside GameMaker Studio and not the engine's user interface. The book starts off discussing basic topics like the language grammar, data types, expressions, operators, variables, arrays, and data structures. After covering the basics of the language readers will learn about using scripts, objects, and events. At the end of the book topics like physics, basic online multiplayer, surfaces, particles, and artificial intelligence are introduced. there are many code examples, each with their own explanations.


"One of the first game development-specific books we've had in Storybundle, this GML scripting guide gets rave reviews and goes deep into scripting in GameMaker Studio, from the basic to complex topics like physics/AI." – Simon Carless



  • "Great book for anyone trying to get into more of the scripting/programming side of GameMaker using GML."

    – Budd Lam
  • "Many other guides I've read overlook the language aspect, but this book does a great job of explaining it step by step so you can really understand each layer of it. Highly recommended."

    – Steven Glick
  • "This book is a great beginner-friendly introduction to GML and GameMaker in general. The tone is friendly, upbeat, and it feels like the author has written it just for you."

    – A.F.


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