Curated by Vincent Zandri and Allan Leverone

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of winter. Here in the northeast United States, we've gotten record amounts of snow and over the last couple of months I find I've developed a complex love/hate relationship with my snowblower.

Given the conditions everyone's had to contend with, this latest limited-time offering from StoryBundle, the Action/Adventure Bundle, might be just what the doctor ordered. What better way to stay warm than with nine books from nine amazing authors—including a couple of legends—filled with non-stop action and pulse-pounding thrills?

And, by the way, in addition to getting an amazing deal on nine great books, by purchasing this StoryBundle you'll be contributing to two worthy charities: a portion of the proceeds from every bundle sold will be donated to Mighty Writers and Girls Write Now.

The StoryBundle concept is simple, revolutionary, and like some of the characters in the Action/Adventure bundle, maybe a little subversive. You pay any amount you choose, starting as low as $5, and receive a "StoryBundle" consisting of five books by bestselling genre authors. In this case, those books are:

  • Parallax View by Allan Leverone
  • The End of Marking Time by C.J. West
  • Primacy by J.E. Fishman
  • Fatal Exchange by Russell Blake
  • Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham

It's a great deal, right?

Here's how it can be an even better deal: you elect to pay a total of $15 or more and receive the five previously mentioned storybundle books plus an additional four bonus books. The bonus books are:

  • Farewell to Dreams by CJ Lyons
  • Catch and Release by Lawrence Block
  • Chase Baker and the Golden Condor by Vincent Zandri
  • Dark Side of the Moon by J. Carson Black

This Action/Adventure bundle is brand-new to StoryBundle and includes books never before featured. To buy these books separately would cost you almost forty bucks, but the bundle runs for just three weeks and then it will be gone forever, so now is not the time for hesitation. Now is the time for Action.

And Adventure.

The Action/Adventure StoryBundle features an astonishingly unique array of plots including:

A collection of stories written by the legendary Lawrence Block, featuring some of his most popular characters created over a career spanning more than half a century.

A medical thriller by real-life ER physician and bestselling author C.J. Lyons.

A murder thriller featuring the dark side of love and the inimitable Laura Cardinal from J. Carson Black.

A nonstop thrill ride featuring Chase Baker, the action hero Indiana Jones wants to be, written by the author of the current bestselling sensation, Everything Burns, Vincent Zandri.

And those are just the bonus books. The basic bundle includes a gritty and fast-moving thriller from the sensational Russell Blake, a gripping morality tale set in the world of animal testing from J.E. Fishman, a tale of wrongful conviction and potential redemption from Joshua Graham, an espionage thriller filled with nonstop action from Allan Leverone, and a shocking novel of our prison system gone awry from C.J. West.

This bundle is available at beginning February 25 and running through March 18. The books are simple to buy and easy to read, in DRM-free file formats for all devices, including .mobi (Kindle) and .epub (All other ereaders). The books are transferable, emailable, and utterly unforgettable.

And you can share the bargain! StoryBundle gift cards allow you to pass a code along to your favorite reader, which allows them to select any bundle that appeals to them, whether the current bundle or a future one.

But remember, once the current bundle is gone, it ain't coming back.

There are a lot of advantages to choosing your next read through StoryBundle:

Low price: If you select the basic bundle at the minimum price, you get five thrill-packed reads for just a buck apiece. Select the full bundle, and you get nine great books—including reads from legends Lawrence Block and C.J. Lyons—for just $1.67 per title!

High quality: Every single author included in this bundle is award winning and/or bestselling. You don't have to worry about getting your money's worth with this group.

You're helping others: Not only will you pay rock-bottom prices for nine great reads, you can feel good about yourself, because by buying this bundle you've contributed to two very worthy writing-related charities.

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