Lindsay has early memories of convincing childhood friends, pets, and stuffed animals to play the roles of characters in her worlds, so it's safe to say she's been making up stories for a long time. She published her first novel, The Emperor's Edge, in December of 2010 and has written and published more than 50 novels since then, most under her own name, but a few steamier ones under a pen name.

When she's not writing, she's usually hiking with her dogs, practicing yoga, playing tennis, or eating entirely too much dark chocolate (she only does one of those things truly well, and she will let you guess which it is). She grew up in the Seattle area and still visits the Pacific Northwest, but after realizing she was solar powered, she moved to Arizona and now lives in the mountains north of Phoenix.

Decrypted - Forgotten Ages Book 2 by Lindsay Buroker


Tikaya's a favourite of mine, because she's the kind of woman I rarely meet in fiction. She's neither a warrior nor a beauty, but her intellect is second to none, and there's no one to equal her for languages - and cryptography. It's fun to watch what academics do when dropped into adventure, and Tikaya's so easy to root for. – Charlotte E. English