The Fantastic Fae Bundle - Curated by Anthea Sharp: Top fantasy authors bring you a dozen books, each one filled with otherwordly magic. Which portal will you open first? They all lead to adventure, but beware the bargains of the fae…

The bestselling authors in this StoryBundle are known for their deft use of traditional faerie lore. Don't expect twinkles and sweetness here! Instead, you'll encounter the treacherous and lovely denizens of the Realm of Faerie, in all their guises. Whether it's a mortal stolen into the Faerie courts, or a half-blood changeling struggling to live in the human world, fae magic imbues each of these books with perilous magic.

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Blood So Red (Includes Book 1!) by C. Gockel

"I was hooked from the first page, reading late into the night past normal sleepiness"

– AKS, Amazon U.S.

Faerie Hearts by Anthea Sharp

"It's fairytales they're cute and some are totally swoon worthy or made me cry…If you love fairytales this is definitely worth reading."

– Danae (Goodreads review)

The Wraith and the Rose by C. J. Brightley

"I was originally hooked by the idea of a fantasy Scarlet Pimpernel retelling, and then the beautiful writing, well-rounded characters, witty dialogue, and well-paced action kept me turning pages and not wanting to put the book down. I loved the hopeful, upbeat tone of the book, and the themes of nobility and honor and sacrificing for love throughout."

– Ashley

Irresistible Magic by Deanna Chase

"Tons of action and romance featuring faries, vampires and one devoted dog. Willow is one strong willed heroine you will fall in love with and sometimes want to grab and give her a good shake. Can not wait for the next book."

– Reader review

Thread of a Spider by D.L. Gardner

"Thread of a Spider is an absorbing story that smoothly combines key elements from both history and fantasy. Author D. L. Gardner (also a fellow contributor at Amazing Stories) has created a magical little world filled with courage and charm set in an unlikely stage of war and terror."

– Review from Amazing Stories Magazine

Court of Bitter Thorn by Kay L. Moody

"Great characters brought to life, adventure, and romance! Well written story that keeps you wanting more. A must read for lovers of fantasy!"

– Reader review

Heart of Briar by Laura Anne Gilman

"(Readers) will be seduced and enthralled by Gilman's metaphysical thriller about wicked elves, shape-shifting supernaturals and portals to another dimension…. melds magic with mayhem for a tale of bravery, friendship and devotion."

– Publishers Weekly

The Fanged & the Fae by Melissa Marr

"Marr ensconces beloved genre tropes in refreshing worldbuilding, offering a sly, never self-serious take on faery bargains and the walking dead.... Readers will be hooked."

– Publishers Weekly on The Wicked & The Dead

A Place of Magic by Merrie Destefano

"A dangerous and dark fairytale which grabs you and holds you until the very end. The worldbuilding is imaginative and beautiful."

– Carien, 5 stars on Goodreads

From Storm and Shadow by Rachel Morgan

"Can I give this more than 5 stars?!? Oh my goodness but I loved everything about this book! The adventure, the love, the heartbreak, the mystery, the twists and turns...well, everything!"

– Ana on BookBub

Fae Away by Rose Garcia

"This book was lively and well written, and I enjoyed every second of it."

– RetroGirlReads, Amazon Reviewer

The Silver Stag by Yasmine Galenorn

"Galenorn does such a great job creating fascinating worlds that are dangerous and compelling. This book is a terrific set up for a series that promises to be exciting and unforgettable."

– Jill Smith, Romantic Times reviewer



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