The 2023 World SF Bundle - curated by Lavie Tidhar:

It's been my great privilege over the past [mumble mumble] years to edit several anthologies devoted to international speculative fiction in all its forms, beginning with the first volume of The Apex Book of World SF back in 2009, done on a budget of chewing gum-and-string, and culminating this year with The Best of World SF: Volume 3 from Head of Zeus, the third in a series of huge, handsome hardcover volumes. Along the way I got to publish the World SF Blog for four years, and write about many international titles in a regular column for the Washington Post. But perhaps the most fun of these has been putting together these annual bundles for StoryBundle – a direct opportunity to offer readers a selection of wonderful books from around the world, at one low price, while directly benefiting the authors and their publishers. It is a reality of today's publishing environment that the most exciting titles usually come from smaller presses, that in a crowded field it is hard to stand up, and that even a small bundle like this can often make a real difference to a book and its author..

You can read more about the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!



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Unto the Godless What Little Remains by Mário Coelho

"Rock'n'roll for the eyes."

– The Times

Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

"Haunting and beautifully nuanced, Signal to Noise is a magical first novel."

– The Guardian

Ion Curtain by Anya Ow

"An addictive space opera"

– Publishers Weekly

Nova Hellas: Stories from Future Greece by Francesca T Barbini and Francesco Verso

"Often underwater, sometimes entirely virtual, facing calamities from austerity to beepocalypse, near future Greece comes to life in these stories. Forget everything you learned in school, on vacation, or from the faded memories of your immigrant γιαγιά. Λοιπόν, this is the real deal."

– Nick Mamatas, author of The Planetbreaker's Son and The Second Shooter

The Love Machine & Other Contraptions by Nir Yaniv

"In short, this collection of short stories is: outstanding. Buy more copies than one if you give special books to people you respect... I don't mean 'outstanding' in relation to other books this year, but in relation to any in any."

– World Fantasy Award nomineee Anna Tambour

& This is How to Stay Alive by Shingai Njeri Kagunda

"A beautiful and rending look at family, loss, and grief, all while sharply dissecting time travel tropes and delivering a powerful message about memory, storytelling, and responsibility. It's a story that hurts in the best of ways, confronting death and healing without losing its sense of humor or its impulse for rebellion."

– Charles Payseur, author of The Burning Day and Other Stories

And What Can We Offer You Tonight by Premee Mohamed

"And What Can We Offer You Tonight is a deep dive into sacred revenge, a vivid, devastating and exquisite story of love and loyalty, among three friends who can ill afford such luxuries."

– L.X. Beckett, author of Gamechanger and Dealbreaker

Hadithi & the State of Black Speculative Fiction by Eugen Bacon and Milton Davis

"Eugen Bacon and Milton Davis come together for Hadithi & The State of Speculative Black Fiction to share a compelling addition to the commentaries and canon of black literature"

– Aurealis

Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders by Aliette de Bodard

"Delightful… Beautiful writing, weird and magical world, fascinating culture and politics, and compelling characters: what more do you need?"

– KJ Charles, author of Slippery Creatures

HebrewPunk by Lavie Tidhar

"Imagine Hard-Boiled Kabbalah... If you like your otherworld fun noir, have I got a book for you!"

– Kage Baker, author of In the Garden of Iden



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