The Starting Hurricanes Bundle, curated by Athena Andreadis:

The Starting Hurricanes StoryBundle offers eleven fascinating speculative works that explore the concept of great changes wrought by people who are not Chosen Ones nor have god-like powers. Science fiction and fantasy (henceforth SFF) rely too heavily on these two modes; as a result, "mundanes" are often belittled, too frequently shown bereft of agency, imagination, courage or any ethical/moral compass beyond narrow self-interest.

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Fault Lines by Kelly Jennings

"In this fun, intrigue-laden space opera, // Jennings gives an intriguing glimpse of a much larger setting. // Fans of found family will love the portrayal of Velocity and her crew of scrappy underdogs."

– Publishers Weekly

The Wan by Bo Balder

"Inventive and energetic, with a truly unique SF premise. A promising debut from one of my favorite publishers."

– Jeff VanderMeer, author of The Southern Reach trilogy

River of Dust by Alexander Jablokov

"Jablokov paints a world of treachery, political intrigue, obsessive men seeking to impose their will on the world around them, and others driven by grief or belief or the lust for power."

– Science Fiction Chronicle

Finders by Melissa Scott

"Space travel and faster-than-light drives blend with world mythology…//…a fun story with convincing worldbuilding and a delightful triad romance at its heart."

– Publishers Weekly

Collaborators by Deborah J. Ross

"A compelling tale of political intrigue, and well-meaning intentions creating disastrous tragedies. … and a romantic and intellectually sexy gender discussion wrapped up in a compelling novel."

– J. M. Frey, Lambda Literary Award reviews

White Wing by Shariann Lewitt and Susan Shwartz

"A powerful story by a strong new talent."

– Gordon R. Dickson

The Janus Legacy by Lisa von Biela

"Lisa von Biela spins a tale that writers of medical thrillers, such as Robin Cook, strive for but very rarely achieve.

She has a keen sense of what is going on in the world and the ability to flip the news over to expose the dark underbelly that the popular media is too scared to expose."

– Josef Hernandez, Examiner

Edge of Heaven by RB Kelly

"...punchy and riveting as required, but also mindful that science fiction's first duty is to weave alternative realities in which readers can blissfully lose themselves."

– The Irish Times

Jumpship Hope by Adria Laycraft

"Combining old-fashioned SF with 21st century concerns and a cast of flawed but very human characters, Jumpship Hope is adventure with heart."

– Tanya Huff, author of The Confederation of Valour and the Peacekeeper series

One’s Aspect to the Sun by Sherry D. Ramsey

"A quest for the secrets of medical immortality across an interplanetary stage—an excellent debut novel by Canadian author Sherry D. Ramsey."

– Steve Stanton, author of The Bloodlight Chronicles



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