Steve Steiner has always wanted to be the publisher of Mad Magazine but realized it'd just be easier to make his own humor magazine. Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs was born back in 2003 out of a love of making people laugh and the best movie ever made, Cool Hand Luke. Twelve years later, he's still cranking out the issues! Steve dwells in the surprisingly cool town of Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Jennifer, and their anti-social cat, Kali.

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Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs by Steve Steiner

Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs… Not even your mom!

Okay… Sorry… Stupid joke but I promise there's way better jokes inside. This anthology-like collection includes 40 pages of comics and articles written and drawn by Steve Steiner such as: Advertisements That Don't Live Up To Their Promises, Chet is a Douchebag, The Molten Rock Squad, The Biggest Threat Facing America Today, Beast Bro, and much more!


Collected together in one volume for the first time, these comics by Steve Steiner may contain TOO many gags. Laugh responsibly. – The Devastator





Did you know that almost three million tons of belly button lint is illegally dumped throughout our great nation every year? A recent study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over seven thousand cities and towns throughout the United States are struggling against the rising tide of belly button lint that is strangling their communities. Perhaps no metropolis has been decimated more by the creeping fuzz than Tool City, Oklahoma. Large portions of this once thriving manufacturing town have been completely abandoned and left to the overwhelming lint.

"It started off slow," Tool City Mayor Snort McJunkin declared at an emergency townhall meeting. "We saw the lint rolling like tumble weeds through our streets and did nothing. We saw the lint when it clogged up the sewers and caused the pipes to burst and did nothing. We saw the lint accumulate until we were forced to close Main Street and did nothing. We saw the lint avalanche destroy the hammer factory and put over half our town out of work and did nothing. Now the lint is threatening to overtake the hub of all commerce in Tool City: the Wal-Mart!" McJunkin decried to a solemn crowd.