The Twist on Classics Bundle:

We've all got our favourite classic stories; fairy tales, murder mysteries, sagas of derring-do and good deeds, mistaken identities and timeless jokes, or the monsters hiding in the shadows.

But we know those stories.

What happens when you give them a twist?

Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur, Robin Hood and Agatha Christie. Shakespeare, Kipling and Edgar Allan Poe. Kafka (with cockroach sidekick) and Tolkien (after the war's over).

And to top it all off there's Cannonbridge, the genius poet of the 19th century, darling of every literary scene – who should never have existed at all…

These are the stories that you've read – but not the storylines you remember.

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The Black Chalice by Steven Savile

"Savile's prose is lovely, the story thoughtful, gripping, and even charming..."

– Charles de Lint

Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell by Paul Kane

"Author Paul Kane has delivered another exciting and horror filled tale with Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell. If you want mystery and suspense in the similar style of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories you've got it here! If you want skinned bodies, weird insane asylums, and bizarre Cenobite characters, Paul has you more than covered there, too. Clive Barker described The Scarlet Gospels as a kick to the gut then I would go a step further and describe Servants of Hell as a solid ass kicking!"

– Clive Barker Podcast 9/10 review

Redemption's Blade by Adrian Tchaikovsky

"Tchaikovsky interleaves graphically violent scenes of war with penetrating philosophical insights."

– The Guardian

The Hanging Artist by Jon Steinhagen

"The author has some wonderful descriptions and the story hums along at a good pace. It's also wryly funny… I recommend you scoop this one up."

– Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Monstrous Little Voices by Jonathan Barnes, Adrian Tchaikovsky and More!

"powerful page-turner with a strong slice of fairness and feminism… highly readable but enjoyably horrible… [a] lovingly curated collection."

– Starburst

Cannonbridge by Jonathan Barnes

"Barnes takes the premise of a literary thriller and supercharges it with hints of science fiction and an appropriately Dickensian style, intercutting Toby's slightly futuristic world with star-studded encounters from Cannonbridge's past."

– Publisher’s Weekly

Poe by Ellen Datlow

"POE is a breathtaking anthology of brand new cutting-edge dark fantasy and horror that would greatly please Mr. Poe, I'm sure."

– Bookworm

Death of a Clone by Alex Thomson

"This book is completely unlike anything I've read lately. Not only is the murder mystery completely unique, the characters are a lot different than any other I've read about, and not just because they're clones… It's easy to read, and easy to imagine."

– Radioactive Book Reviews

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets by David Thomas Moore

"Overall, Two Hundred And Twenty-One Baker Streets has a story for everyone. It's full of brilliantly written tales that any fan of Sherlock can appreciate."

– Reading BiFrost

alt.sherlock.holmes by Jamie Wyman, Gini Koch and Glen Mehn

"Three authors have obviously spent not a little time immersed in the muse of Sherlock. For a fictional dude he/she sure does get around… if time is a pool, boy, this is a deep one."

– SF CrowsNest

Not So Stories by David Thomas Moore

"Editor David Thomas Moore assembles a murderer's row of today's prominent and up-and-coming writers of color to reimagine these stories for the modern age. The results are funny, touching, and often profound."


Guy of Gisburne by Toby Venables

"Readers who enjoy urbanized retellings will likely enjoy this book."

– Portland Book Review



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