The ChiZine Halloween Horrors Bundle, curated by Sandra Kasturi.

My fellow droogies, it's time again for the High Holy Days of Halloween! Come, take my skeletal hand. . . . Here at ChiZine Publications, the home of dark fiction, we're vigorously harvesting our pumpkin patch, grooming our black cats and giving the ghosts a wash and iron. We're wafting through the house in flowing black frocks and collapsing mournfully onto the chaise longue to sip absinthe while bats fan us with their wings. You know, in between reading manuscripts . . . and curating a new book bundle for StoryBundle.

We've found you a collection of ten amazing novels and story collections—horror, dark fantasy and weird tales—by popular and bestselling ChiZine Publications authors. As always, at StoryBundle, you name your own price—whatever you feel the books are worth.

The Halloween Horrors bundle has tales to move you, terrify you, keep you up at night and make you ponder the very nature of your existence.

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Knife Fight and Other Struggles by David Nickle

"The stories [in Knife Fight and Other Struggles] are sui generis in presentation, veering from the discombobulating nightmare that is 'Basements' to the squid-laden eco-satire 'Wylde's Kingdom' to the sci-fi love of 'Loves Means Forever.' When it comes to this book, only two things are certain; the stories never travel where you expect, and David Nickle is a monumental talent."

– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Experimental Film by Gemma Files

"Gemma Files has one of the great dark imaginations in fiction—visionary, transgressive, and totally original. With this new novel [Experimental Film], Files explores the world of film and horror in a way that will leave you reeling. A smart, sharp page-turner with heart and depth."

– Jeff VanderMeer

October by Michael Rowe

"October is the kind of horror novel a lot of adults needed when they were kids. Michael Rowe understands that while it gets better for some people, not everyone can afford to sit back and wait if they want to survive. A powerful and powerfully frightening tale about making hard choices in the name of survival, and what those choices cost. Because becoming who you are really means making a deal with the Devil. And sometimes, the Devil is the only one who really understands."

– Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded and 13 Views of the Suicide Woods

The Hair Wreath and Other Stories by Halli Villegas

"Villegas's debut collection offers 19 tales that nicely blend ordinary characters with sudden and unexplained supernatural threats . . . "His Ghost," disturbing on multiple levels, tells the tale of an obsessive man in search of his muse. "Salvage," a haunting set on a spaceship, is efficiently creepy. "An Unexpected Thing" is a solid, straightforward revenge story with a nasty undercurrent . . . "D in the Underworld," in which a woman searches for her missing daughter, rises above the rest. Fans of creepy, non-gory horror will appreciate this collection. . . .

– Publishers Weekly

Shadows in Summerland by Adrian Van Young

". . . a witty and disturbing horror novel: it's as if Henry James had written an issue of Tales From the Crypt."

– Bennett Simms, author of A Questionable Shape

The Night Inside by Nancy Baker

"Baker evokes the various figures from Japanese culture familiar in the West—yakuza, samurai and medieval court ladies and their pillow books—but she goes beyond clichés and invests these characters with a solidity and poignancy that contrast sharply with the simpler Canadian horror of The Night Inside. This is a more contemplative offering, and while it is not always successful, it has moments of great effectiveness. Ardeth's nocturnal cross-country hitchhiking trip is particularly noteworthy for its undercurrents of violence and loneliness."

– Paragraph



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