The LGBT+ Fantasy Bundle, curated by Melissa Scott:

Two years ago, I asked the folks at StoryBundle if I could do a queer fantasy bundle to celebrate Pride. The next year, I asked if I could do it again, only with science fiction, and both times they were happy to oblige. This year, I'm back with yet another queer-themed bundle to celebrate Pride month. I'm focussing on fantasy again this year, and, as in both previous years, there has been an embarrassment of riches. Some of my favorite authors have new work, and I found a bunch more who were new to me, and whose work is intelligent, sensitive, nuanced, and queer. As always, there was no easy way to winnow things down.

This is admittedly an extremely eclectic group. You'll find short stories and novels (and, as I mentioned, a game); you'll find contemporary werewolves and steampunk, dark Edwardian fantasy and stories that draw on myths ancient and modern, a "year's best collection," a year's worth of Glittership, and a wildly diverse collection of pirates. What they have in common is queer visions, visions that celebrate our multitudes, all written by authors at the very top of their game. You'll find diverse characters, an equally diverse range of styles, and stories that will hold you entranced until the very last word.

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Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures by Alex Acks

"Mashing together the flavors of steampunk, Sherlock Holmes, Weird West and zombies is just too delicious to ignore."

– John DeNardo, Kirkus Reviews

GlitterShip Year Two by Keffy R.M. Kehrli

"A joyful cry of defiance in the face of oppression, the second annual anthology of works published in the online magazine and podcast GlitterShip celebrates the whole rainbow of queer narratives, even when they hurt. Though this powerful collection's disparate settings range across time and space, their central theme is overwhelmingly one of love."

– Publishers Weekly starred review

Skin Deep Magic by Craig Laurance Gidney

"Craig Laurance Gidney loves words... sensually, sexually, omnivorously. He streams out floods of them in his stories so that you, too, can taste their deliciousness. He wields them with abandon and precision to create little worlds that rise off the page and engulf you in snow globes of sparkling beauty and perceptiveness."

– The Fix

Underdogs by Geonn Cannon

"It's a fun, light read that had all the elements to make me happy: A bit of fairy tale/supernatural, a crime to solve, and women falling in love. What's not to like?"

– A.M. Leibowitz

Underdogs 2: Beware of Wolf by Geonn Cannon

"These books are well written and have plenty of suspense, twist, turns and romance to keep you turning pages. I love Ari and Dale! The fact that they always do the right thing even when it's the hardest thing to do! They are two of my favorite characters! I look forward to hopefully seeing more of them!"

– Inked Rainbow Reads

Transcendent 3 by Bogi Takács

"In this spectacular anthology, Takács...weaves together a beautiful tapestry of worlds where trans people live, love, and thrive…. Takács has brought together aching, melancholic, and marvelous speculative stories that speak to the humanity and variety of trans characters."

– Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Eagle's Heir (Steam Code!) by Jo Graham and Amy Griswold

"Best interactive novel I've played. Highly recommended, even more so if you've any interest in Napoleonic France or Steampunk. Well-written, funny and even romantic."

– Steam Review

Sea, Swallow Me by Craig Laurance Gidney

"The best of the stories in this thoughtful debut collection make full use of African and African-American characters, such as when young slave Israel Jones meets a man he's convinced is the guitar-wielding Devil in The Safety of Thorns, or when white tourist Jed encounters Olokun, the patron spirit of enslaved Africans carried across the sea, in the title story."

– Publishers Weekly

Spectred Isle by KJ Charles

"Watching two guarded men trade arch Lost Generation banter while edging closer and closer to romance is deeply satisfying; the book's wry, anguished, darkly witty prose will make it perfect for the coming rains of autumn."

– Seattle Review of Books



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