The 2019 World SF Bundle, curated by Lavie Tidhar:

I've been working to promote international speculative fiction for over ten years and, in that time, the landscape of the genre has changed beyond recognition. Back when I put together the first Apex Book of World SF anthology, material was short on the ground. I borrowed the very term "World SF" from a defunct organisation that was set up during the Cold War to allow Western and Soviet authors to get together (for what were, by all accounts, pleasant enough drinking opportunities, if not much else) and repurposed it. Now, as we near the third decade of the 21st century, the field is, if not exactly crowded, nevertheless filled with new anthologies, translations, novels and short stories from around the world, by a new generation of truly global writers.

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Escape from Baghdad! by Saad Z. Hossain

•"ESCAPE FROM BAGHDAD! is a virtuoso performance, both utterly heartbreaking and riotously, laugh-out-loud funny... I wanted to stand up and applaud when it was finished, but I didn't want it to finish. I could not recommend it enough."

– Lavie Tidhar, World Fantasy Award winning author of OSAMA

After the Flare by Deji Bryce Olukotun

•"In a deceptively slim novel, Olukotun (Nigerians in Space, 2014) orchestrates a complex dystopian story about what happens when a massive solar flare damages electrical systems worldwide and leaves Nigeria with the only functioning space program on the planet... The entire novel is spectacularly imagined, well-written, and a pleasure to read. An absorbing novel that explores a compelling, African-centered future world."

– Kirkus Reviews, *Starred Review*

The Thousand Year Beach by TOBI Hirotaka

"asks interesting questions about humanity, intelligence and technology."

– Chicago Tribune

Slipping by Lauren Beukes

"Utterly bizarre and equally addictive, these pieces demonstrate that Beukes has only tapped the surface of her prodigious and wide-ranging talent with her novels."

– Kirkus

Falling in Love with Hominids by Nalo Hopkinson

"The power of Hopkinson's stories lies in their capacity to help us reimagine our own movement through the world and to wonderfully innovate new trajectories for speculative fiction as a whole."

– Los Angeles Review of Books

The Vanishing Kind by Lavie Tidhar

"Pretty close to perfect"

– SFcrowsnest

Afro SF V3 by Ivor W. Hartmann

"The third in this pioneering series with an honour roll of some of African writing's biggest names contributing. Unmissable."

– Geoff Ryman, author, awarded the Nebula, two-time Arthur C. Clarke, three-time BSFA, two-time Canadian Sunburst, as well as the Campbell, Philip K. Dick, and James Tiptree Jr., awards

The Apex Book of World SF 5 by Cristina Jurado and Lavie Tidhar

"Certainly the series of Apex World SF anthologies founded by Lavie Tidhar has been highly instrumental in broadening our sense of what's going on around the planet. Tidhar edited the first three books solo, then, while maintaining high-level duties, turned over responsibility for compiling volume four to Mahvesh Murad. The latest installment, put together by Cristina Jurado, continues the series' valuable tradition of horizon-broadening, while providing great entertainment besides."

– Locus Magazine review

Nexhuman by Francesco Verso

"A thoughtful meditation on what it means to be human and an exciting peek into a world that is just around the corner."

– James Patrick Kelly (Nebula, Locus and Hugo Award winner)

Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

"The world-building and atmosphere are just incredible. It's especially gripping because the normal rules don't apply, and nothing is as it seems."

– Syfy Wire, The 10 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books of 2017



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