The SFWA Science Fiction Bundle is a very special collection full of great sci-fi books that benefit a great cause!

If you're unfamiliar with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, it's over 50 years old, and has a membership of professional writers and publishing professionals from around the globe. It administers the Nebula Awards each year. This bundle is filled with talented SFWA members and their wonderful works, such as Tech Heaven by Locus-award-winning Linda Nagata and Factoring Humanity by Hugo, Nebula and John W. Campbell Memorial Award winning Robert J. Sawyer, plus 10 more tremendous reads.

You can easily choose to donate part of your purchase to the Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America to support these fantastic authors. Don't forget to click here to read much more about the bundle, and make sure to click on each cover for reviews, a preview and a personal note from our curator!



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Unidentified Funny Objects by Alex Shvartsman

"This book is a delight. There are a lot of giggles here, and every now and then you'll laugh your head off. This is a hoot from start to finish."

– Paul Cook, Galaxy's Edge

Saiensu Fikushon 2016 by TOBI Hirotaka, Toh EnJoe and Taiyo Fujii

"Saiensu Fikushon 2016, featuring three excellent stories by three of Japan's hottest SF authors, is a must read for anyone who loves their science fiction with deep helpings of action and cutting-edge ideas."

– Jason Sanford, two-time Nebula Award finalist

Factoring Humanity by Robert J. Sawyer

"Sawyer's finest novel to date. Scientifically plausible, fictionally intriguing and ethically important."

– New Scientist

Borrowed Tides by Paul Levinson

"Politics blends neatly with spirituality in an ingenious narrative that loops back on itself like a Moebius strip."

– Publishers' Weekly

The Weave by Nancy Jane Moore

"Unique protagonists. Unique aliens. Unique war. Nancy Jane Moore's remarkable first novel drew me in and kept me reading and left me, at the end, knowing that Caty Sanjuro and Sundown the Cibolan continue their work and their lives and their friendship. My favorite kind of novel."

– Vonda N. McIntyre, author of Dreamsnake and The Moon and the Sun

Truck Stop Earth by Michael A. Armstrong

"The most important thing to know about this book is that it's fun. It is, in fact the most fun I've had reading a book in a long time. Other books have perhaps explored more profound emotions but if you want to spend a few hours alternating between a grin, a rolling chuckle, and laughing out loud you probably won't do better with anything contemporary."

– Jim Morris, bestselling author of War Story

Children of Arkadia by M. Darusha Wehm

"Wehm writes novels of ideas in which the ideas genuinely matter… [I]t's a pleasure to see political and ethical questions, so often relegated to the background in science fiction, allowed so much scope to drive the story."

– David Larsen, New Zealand Herald

Strangers Among Us by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law

"Mental illness is an exciting theme for an anthology, leaving plenty of room for variety."

– Library Journal

Tech Heaven by Linda Nagata

"In the midst of fast-paced action, Nagata creates characters to worry about, cheer for, sympathize with and despise. The time spent getting to know them and their world is well worth it."

– Publishers Weekly

The Burning Eye by John F. Carr

Great expanded reissue of this classic anthology. John Carr is doing a great job expanding both the the Haven and CoDominium universes. If you remember the old anthology and liked it, you are sure to love its expanded younger brother.

– Amazon Review

The Leaves of October by Don Sakers

"An underrated SF gem."

– Wavelengths Online

Beyond the Gates by Catherine Wells

"Like world-building? Then you've got to read Catherine Wells' Beyond the Gates!"

– Explorations



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