Our first bundle of 2017 is here and it is a tremendous one! The Sci-Fi Adventure Bundle is one of the biggest and best bundles we've ever put together.

Oasis by New York Times Bestseller Dima Zales will blur the line of utopia and dystopia. The complete Big Sigma Series will take you blazing through the galaxy with a desperate race pilot and a quirky AI. Cyborg Legacy, the latest from the prolific and talented Lindsay Buroker is available for the first time anywhere in this bundle. Tim Ward takes the world of Hugh Howey's Sand in cinematic and thrilling new directions with Scavenger: Evolution. Tammy Salyer assembles a rugged team of space marines in Contract of Defiance and Contract of Betrayal. Geoffrey Morrison returns to his deep-sea world of devastation and decay with Undersea Atrophia, and that still only scratches the surface.

And as a special gift for you, since we know you love reading, we have not just one, but TWO free books! WE've got The Backworlds by M. Pax, and Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen. That's two free books in addition to the 13 already in the bundle! Click here to read more, and make sure to click on each cover for reviews, a preview and a personal note from our curator!



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Cyborg Legacy by Lindsay Buroker

"Ms. Buroker's writing style is clean, efficient, and witty. ... I really recommend this book for its clean, efficient writing, memorable and deep characters, and steady, believable plot."

– YA author Cheryl S. Mackey

Bringing Stella Home by Joe Vasicek

"Overall, Bringing Stella Home is a fun read. The dialog flows naturally, the characters feel independent in voice and mentality, and the progression of events feels real. A good read, and I'll be looking for the forthcoming sequel."

– Amazon Review

The Big Sigma Collection Volume 1 by Joseph R. Lallo

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Big Sigma series, and await the next installment with pleasure, knowing it is forthcoming. I have read other books by Joseph Lallo in the interim and have been following his ongoing serialized Wattpad story, Between. The man can write."

– Caryn, Goodreads

Temporal Contingency by Joseph R. Lallo

"… How can you top time travel?! It's always a hard subject for Sci Fi writers and you can never escape paradoxes, it takes a v good author to make the paradoxes workable… [Mr. Lallo] manages to wrangle the time travel angle with multiple versions of the characters in another great story to 'save the universe'! …"

– Amazon Review

Undersea by Geoffrey Morrison

"Author Geoffrey Morrison has managed to create a world of believably advanced technology cobbled together from decades-old decaying parts, set in the depths of ocean water where natural sunlight, and radiation, never reach. Ingenuity and innovation are the keys to life in this world. The cast of fully fleshed-out characters feel like family members, even the really bad dude who needed to be on meds…he is that crazy uncle nobody likes but has to deal with at family reunions. Undersea is an action-packed adventure for sci-fi fans who don't care for the mutant/zombie direction most post-apocalyptic fiction is taking right now."

– Bookkaholic.com

Undersea Atrophia by Geoffrey Morrison

"Nuanced, engaging, thrilling. A refreshingly un-cookie cutter adventure featuring well-developed characters in a vibrantly-rendered world. This isn't a sunny, happy-go-lucky chapter, however; I think there's tragedy and heartbreak on the horizon and I can't wait to read the next book."

– Amazon Review

Oasis by Dima Zales

"This book was astonishing from start to finish. Just when you think you've got it figured out, it really throws a curve."

– Amazon Review

The Backworlds by M. Pax

"This is a fun, fast paced novel that reminded me a bit of early Heinlein, Have Spacesuit Will Travel, style story telling. It is very short and sets up well for further adventures." 5 stars

– Jason Weisberger, publisher of Boing Boing

Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge by M. Pax

"Reminds me of Firefly! A gritty and tough far-flung future, where the law barely exists and is never there when you need them anyway. M Pax's Backworld's series is a lot like my favorite Sci-Do television series, only on a much larger scale and with nastier bad guys. I find myself antsy and anxious to settle down and devour the next entry in the series, praying M Pax never tires of writing them!"

– Amazon Review

The Spectras Arise Trilogy Book 1: Contract of Defiance by Tammy Salyer

"I prefer my sci-fi action-packed, and CONTRACT OF DEFIANCE delivers. Aly is a creature of action, and Tammy Salyer's own military experience (she was a paratrooper!) serves her well when it comes to writing realistic, fast-paced combat scenes. Tammy probably never assaulted a space station personally - but her writing puts you into the action in a way that makes the novel realistic and impossible to put down."

– Author Susan Spann

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen

"A Matt Damon political thriller meets Total Recall action with Avatar otherworldliness."

– Ditmar Award winning author Zena Shapter

Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy by Patty Jansen

"You won't be able to put this one down. A great follow up to book one. This is really a great series. Ms. Jansen has become one of my favorite authors. I purchased the rest of the series and can't wait to what problems Cory Wilson faces next."

– Amazon Review

Shifting Reality by Patty Jansen

"The setting is an orbital, rotating space station a few hundred years in the future. It is one of several mining the orbital debris around one of our gas giants. A lot of the population is a type of artificial human called a "construct", but there is also a hefty proportion of real humans – and this is the first interesting part: they are Indonesian.
Patty Jansen has done a stellar job of creating a credible and realistic futuristic cultural group that is rare in Western fiction. "

– Just Add Story blog

The Spectras Arise Trilogy Book 2: Contract of Betrayal by Tammy Salyer

"Such a fantastic follow-up to the thrilling "Contract of Defiance". "Contract of Betrayal" gave me a little idea of what an outer space community of universe nomads would look like, and while it has its brutal moments of pure survival, it's pretty badass how resourceful they all are. I suppose they would have to be, the universe in Tammy's world is in a right mess. As with the first novel, the writing is marvelous, the descriptions so vivid you feel like you're actually there, and Salyer sucks you so far into her world I felt disoriented looking away from the pages. I'm blown away."

– Author Sezín Koehler



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