The 2018 Adventure SF Bundle, curated by best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson: As the summer ends, you have just enough time to dive into a universe of exciting science fiction. I've curated a new StoryBundle of a dozen adventure SF books which only runs for three weeks from August 29 through September 19.

his bundle leads off with my newly released collection, Selected Stories: Science Fiction Volume 1, more than 130,000 words of my best stories, twenty tales including my very first published piece of fiction, "Memorial," when I was 12. There's also the Fiction River anthology Superpowers edited by Rebecca Moesta, and the seminal new anthology Bridge Across the Stars, edited by Rhett Bruno.

The nine novels in this bundle range from wild adventure SF (Nobless Oblige by Uri Kurlianchik, Shadow of Ruin Quincy J. Allen featuring Colt the Outlander from Heavy Metal magazine, created by the Aradio Brothers, and Steampunk Banditos, the new Felix Gomez novel by Mario Acevedo), to edgy thought-provoking science fiction (Albatross by R.A. MacAvoy and Nancy L. Palmer and Crecheling by D.J. Butler), disaster black-hole thriller Singularity by Bill deSmedt, and solid, compelling science fiction The Soul Eater by Mike Resnick, The Application of Hope by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Dry Creek Crossing by Dean Wesley Smith.

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Noblesse Oblige by Uri Kurlianchik

"This is a science fiction comedy of manners, in which a kidnapped idealistic young space princess will be auctioned off to the most nefarious warmongers and criminals in the galaxy... unless she can turn the tables. Tongue in cheek, a Terry Pratchett-esque satire in a Douglas Adams setting."

– Amazon Review

Albatross by R.A. MacAvoy and Nancy Palmer

"This book has MacAvoy's signature of extraordinary character development coupled with really good storytelling."

– Amazon Review

Shadow of Ruin by Quincy J. Allen

"A fun, inspiring read reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. John Carter and Dejah Thoris on steroids!"

– Amazon Review

The Soul Eater by Mike Resnick

"Well before the end you will know yourself deep in the clutches of abstraction – of art, if you will."

– Analog

Selected Stories - Science Fiction, Volume 1 by Kevin J. Anderson

For the first time these stories are collected in "Selected Stories Volume "I of a series to celebrate a very talented and popular science fiction writer. Some of the notable ones to be aware of are "Memorial" that is a tribute to a well-known item in our culture, "Rough Draft" that has a most interesting situation with an author who makes it big with his first novel. And "Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law" where there is a most fascinating client for a litigator team. There are nineteen writings with very interesting commentary about each one by the author that add to the enjoyment.

– Gary Roen at Midwest Book Review

Crecheling by D.J. Butler

"I've read several of Butler's works, and this is clear: the guy can write. But with Crecheling he proves that he can WRITE."

– Amazon Review

Singularity by Bill DeSmedt

"The level of ingenuity is immense. The characters grabbed me. Singularity is a wonderful, intricate story — wonderfully well told."

– LARRY NIVEN, Nebula and Hugo award-winning author

Sleight of Mind by Stefon Mears

"It's a mystery, a fantasy, a space opera and a corporate espionage story all well balanced with excellent characters, an engaging plot and a really interesting magic system. It thankfully avoids many of the tired UF tropes like hunky werewolves and angsty vampires and whiny, love-lorn teen witches, and concentrates instead on how humans react to magic rather recently re-emerging and shows the difference between the younger generation who were born to magic, and the older, who have had their world turned upside down."

– Amazon Review (Praise for the series)

Bridge Across the Stars by Rhett C Bruno and Chris Pourteau

"This is an excellent anthology which I thoroughly enjoyed... Hours of fun for less than the price of a coffee."

– Sfcrowsnest

The Application of Hope: A Diving Universe Novella by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"A skillful blend of science fiction and murder mystery which keeps ratcheting up the stakes."

– Worlds Without End

Superpowers by Fiction River

"…this anthology will be right up your alley."

– Tangent Online



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